A Walk on the Boardwalk, Lake Coeur d’Alene

So once again we planned to meet up with Mavis and Ed for lunch–6 years after the planted bra affair.  Remembering the bra prank they pulled on me, I borrowed an old bra from my sister-in-law, Vicky, and wrapped it up very nicely in a decorative paper bag with tissue paper.  I also included a rock, which represented the one they put on the first bra gag.

Mavis was naturally excited to open the gift up until she realized it was a bra.  That will teach her.  Anyway we had a very nice lunch at a restaurant by the lake side.  And afterward, Ed lead us to the boardwalk which was centered in the harbor area among the many boats.

We walked for quite awhile.  We came to a canopy covered structure and the girls decided to pose for a family picture.  Then, of course, Georgie tried to rearrange them in a proper manner, followed by them stretching their arms out and holding each other’s hand.

A little further down the boardwalk, Nina found a large chair.  Obviously she got right into it.  Fit perfectly.  Then the other girls had to pose for the picture as well.  Donna had a little trouble getting her  leg up on the chair.

We ended the day with a tasty beverage at one of the harbor’s restaurants that overlooked the boats and the lake.  It was a good day in a beautiful place.








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The Planted Bra

Yesterday we went to Coeur d’Alene, ID.  We were there to meet up with Mavis and Ed, more relatives of the family.  Our first meeting with them occured some place in Idaho when I was doing my cross-country bike ride in 2013.  We had lunch with them and Mavis questioned Georgie alot about our route after lunch.  As it turned out, their plan was to a plant bra along this route, knowing that this was part of the weird thing that had been happening to me–finding bras on the bike ride.  Don’t ask.  I can’t explain.

Anyway, after our lunch at that time, I started to ride and about 3-4 miles out of town I saw what appeared to be a bra at the side of the road, with a rock on top of it.  I told myself, “don’t stop, you have already found 5 bras, what’s one more?”.  So I biked on by.  A few minutes later I got a call from Jenny, who was biking with me, and she said “Dad, you need to come back here.”  And I said “Why?”.  She said “There is something you need to see”.  So reluctantly I returned to where she  and Georgie were parked with the RV.  As I approached, Jenny held up yet another bra with a note.  The note was from Mavis and Ed.  It read “Here Mike is another bra, this will make 6.  Good luck.”

So now my friends are planting bras along my bike route.  Lord help us.

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Fun with the brother-in-law

So we were leaving the airport after getting our rental car.  Georgie was following me in the RV.  At the exit, there were two small guard shacks unattended at the time.  Georgie misjudged and hit the roof overhang of one of the shacks.  This resulted in a bent awning arm and it meant we could not roll out the slideout so that we can roll our bed out to full length.   So for several days I slept at the edge of the bed with my nose a few inches from the table leg.  I also had to perform some gymnastics just to get out of bed.

Anyway, may very talented brother-in-law, Steve, decided that he wanted to try removing the canopy from the side of the RV so that we could fully roll out the slide out.  After working on it for about a half hour, with me standing patiently by in a very quiet manner, the roll out system for the awning came off.  We were now able to roll the bed out to full measure.  Thank you, Steve.

In celebration, I decided to wash the RV windows.  Well, actually, I was told to.  Yeah!


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Oh, wait—more fun I didn’t report

One of my in-laws, Tori, is a very good bike rider.  She lives locally in Spokane and knows the trails.  I needed to do a ride and she came along at the right time.  Lori is a strong biker and easy to ride with.  It was scary at times as I thoght she migh leave me in the dust.  Turns out, we kept up with each other quite nicely.  Told a lot of biking stories and ended up covering a little over 20 mile.  We rode a bike trail near my sister-in-laws, Vicky’s house.  It was hilly but well kept.  The trail was called “The Children of the Sun Trail”.  We had a nice ride.


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May 26 and 27–Photos.









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May 26th and 27th–After the Party

Finally we had the Graduation Party at the Ritzville High School gym.  A lot of graduated classes were represented including the classes from ’49, ’59, ’69 and ’79 .  In addition, the current graduating class of 2019 was recognized by name.  Dinner was then served and a lot of hand shakes and hugs were delivered.

When we got ready to leave, the girls wanted a picture in front of the school mascot sign–the Broncos.  After a few shots (Photos 1 and 2), we called it a night and headed home.  All in all a delightful evening.

May 27th

Sunday morning after church we went downtown where they were having an antique car show and a local band playing music.

See the photos below(Photos 3 and 4).  We had lunch at the PASTIME restaurant which, given the antique cars parked on the streets, it was the most appropriate place to eat.

It was then decided that we should make a last visit to the girls’ parents at the cemetery.  When we arrived at the cemetery, it was adorned with American flags posted all around the cemetery in recognition of Memorial Day (Photo 5).  The girls then surround their parents marker and knelt in respect to say goodbye (Photo 6).

One last stop was made at the overhanging sign on the road that lead into town.  It simply said “Welcome Bronco Alumni”.  The girls stood underneath the sign and made various formations showing their gratitude for all the years of wonderful education that they had received (Photos 7 and 8).

We headed home just in time to see the beautiful sunset that signaled the close of the weekend’s events.  We’ll surely be back another year for graduation celebration (Photo 9).

See all photos on next blog.

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May 25–The Start of the Alumni Celebration


Today is the day many of the events start for the Alumni celebration for Ritzville High School graduates.  There are separate parties for each group of attendees representing a specific graduation year.  In Georgie’s case it is the 60th year reunion.  Later this evening there will be a banquet dinner for all returning graduates.

But we started the morning off by having coffee with my sister and brother-in-law who are camping in their RV right next door to us.  We decided to meet at their place at 7am for Espresso.

First though I had my cup of coffee in our RV.  We then went to see Vicki and Steve.  Steve prepared a very delicious espresso for us.  We then visited with them for about 2 hours, telling lots of stories about the family, school and living in Ritzville.  My sister-in-law, Vicki, was very expressive in her story telling.  Vicki had always been somewhat shy in talking mainly because she was the 4th child.  But I was pleased to see her open up and truly get excited about things.  It was a pleasant time for all of us.

We then headed back to our RV to get ready for the day’s events.  The next thing on the schedule was lunch.  Finally we had the left-overs from the other night which resulted in making some room in our crowded refrigerator.

At about 2pm we drove a short distance to the local park where “Art in the Park” was under way.  There were about 10 tents set up with some uniques artwork.  After walking around for awhile, I passed this tent with unique iron works.  These were words made into iron signs.  There was one in particular that caught my eye.  It said:



So I bought it and took it over to Vicky and Georgie who were standing nearby.  They immediately thought is was a perfect fit for the sister group meeting.  I took a few pictures of course and it really looked cool.

After that  we headed for the group gatherings at the hotel.  At Georgie’s meeting there were about 50 people including some spouses.  There was a lot of hugging and greeting and a LOT OF CHATTER.  People kept moving around the room to talk to someone else that they recognized.  Georgie introduced me to some of her friends and then I sat down at a table with one of her classmates.  It was difficult to be in such a large group of people and not know anyone.  Eventually I went out in the lobby and sat with my nephew and his wife and my other sister-in-law.

About two hours later we left and headed back to the RV.  We had about two hours to wait before the official dinner party was to start. I’ll write about that tomorrow if I get a good nights sleep.

See pictures above.  Vicky and Georgie with Sister sign.  Georgie with some classmates.



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May 24–Continuing with my relaxing day.

Hopefully this will make it easier to remember the town we are currently in.  The name of the town is RITZVILLE.  Georgie and her sisters grew up in this town and went to high school here a few dozen years ago.  And that is why we are here today,  to celebrate with other graduates and reconnect with her past friends and her sisters.

So after my bike ride yesterday, we had lunch with some of her family at one of the local eateries.  After that Georgie and I decided to drive out to the local cemetery to see her parents graves.  We looked around the cemetery for some time since we didn’t exactly know where their plots were.  Georgie finally called her sister Nina who gave us the correct direction to the plots.

Georgie’s parents were amazing people.  They were both deaf and yet they very successfully raised 5 children while managing a wheat farm.  After spending some time in the cemetery, we drove the 7 miles out of town to see where the family farm had been.  Many of the homes and farms that I remember being there had been leveled and had become producing wheat fields.  The family farm was now a producing wheat field.

Later in the day we again joined the family for dinner at another local restaurant.  This time it was Mexican food.  Cool.  We easily spent two hours talking family stuff and telling many many stories.  Finally our plates were cleared and the bills paid, so we headed for the door.  And as families are like to do, the “goodbye” lasted almost a half hour.

It was a good day.  Hope we continue to enjoy more time with this beautiful family.




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May 24th–A Relaxing Day–In Theory

Yes, the day started with not much on the calendar.  About 8:30am I decided I needed to get in a bike ride before things got busy.  I released my bike from the carrier, got dressed in warm bike clothes, found a route to ride and said goodbye to Georgie.  I also asked her to stay close to the phone in case I needed help.  I was somewhat concerned that I might get rained out as the sky was not looking good.  So off I went about 10am.  Headed out of town on a road that lead to no where.  (See Photo 2).  It felt good to be on the bike.  I was moving quite well given the fact that I had not exercised in a week and a half.

The road I was on (Route 10) lead out of Ritzville into the country to an area void of housed or businesses.  It was very relaxing.   In addition, unlike North Carolina, there were no hills on this road, only a few inclines that were easy to handle.

After riding for about 7.5 miles and stopped for a break.  When I looked at the street sign where I had stopped, I was somewhat amazed.  The street name was “Rehn Rd.”   Victor Rehn was Georgie’s dad.  Imagine my suprise. (See Photo 3).  Anyway I decided this was a good turnaround point as I had ridden 7.5 miles and it was starting to drizzle more than when I had started.  In addition, I knew going back the wind would be coming straight at me.


As I got closer to town, the wind got stronger and the drizzle picked up as well.  Another 1 1/2 miles and I was back at the RV park.

Nice way to start the day.  (To be continued)

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Explanation of Photos I’m sending you

This is my first attempt at sending photos related to the blogs I have written.  As it turns out, I should have added the media when I composed the blog.  But I didn’t really know how to do that until tonight.  So in the meantime, bear with me.  You may have to refer to the past posted blogs to see how these photos are relevant to the story.  Thanks.

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