Bike Ride in Sweden–Day 5–Floda Kyrka

Today our shorter ride of 26 miles will take us through tranquil and remote parts of Sodermanland.  We will be headed for Floda Kyrka, where there is a sacred gothic building with magnificent liturgical fresco dating back to the 15th century.

As you can see the route today is very natural with beautiful fields and forests.  It is this natural beauty that makes this ride such a relaxing pleasure.

Once again our lunch is a spectacular presentation of wonderful food.  In addition, the setting is by a beautiful lake that makes the whole scene very unique and restful.  We are really spoiled.

After lunch we reach the Floda Kyrka and the gothic building that is magnificent in size and architecture.  There is a wooden bell tower in the front of the church.  This was constructed after the many lightening strikes had destroyed the church’s bell tower.

In this local area I happened onto the sighting of a beautiful rainbow.  Reminded me of home.

And once on the bus headed for the train, we see this rather unusual figure of a young boy playing with some kind of toy.  Several of the roundabouts in this area had sculptures on display.

That’s about it for today.  We finished the day with a train ride back to Katrineholm, where we had spent the prior evening.  Tomorrow our ride will take us to Mariefred. –35 miles away.

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Bike Ride in Sweden–Bike and Train to Katrineholm

As we leave the town of Sodertalje, we are greeted with a ride in the beautiful country side of Sweden.  In our brochure it is stated as “the land of the Southern men.  This title was given because the scenic landscape has become a place of longing to many Sweden lovers.  In this area there are about 400 manor houses and small castles.

On this, our 4th day of riding, we head to Trosa and traverse the heartland of Sodermanlands.  Our route boasts of wild beauty, speckled by the typical wooden houses, painted in red and ochre yellow.  As our guide has told us, the Swedes in this area worked on mining iron ore which had a unique red color to it.  And in the process they developed some of the first paint.  The initial color was “red” and thus many of the houses in this region are “red”.





Here is our group ready to take off after we hear about the route from our guide, Dieter.  The trails we rode on were very interesting and more rural as we pasted through many agricultural areas.


Georgie, who was the “Guide-Protem” (whatever that means) was seen standing in one of these fields as we approach our lunch area.  She waved us all in and of course we all followed her directions.



Somewhere along the way we took a short ferry ride across one of the many lakes and waterways.  We also saw more stunning churches.



In Gnesta we boarded a train to Katrineholm.  We will be travelling  on the oldest and still most important railway route in Sweden today.  The views of the country side we pasted through were again amazing and beautiful.  In some case, large herds of cattle or sheep filled the picture.



And before I finish this blog, I must say something about the incredible lunches/picnics we had virtually every day we rode.  These were prepared by Andreas, who was a young man who drove the support vehicle and worked late at night and into the morning preparing the most beautiful display of fruit, vegetables and meats for our lunch.  All of this displayed uniquely on a fold-out table generally under a tree somewhere along our biking route.



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Bike Ride in Sweden–Day 2 and 3–Castles and Churches

On our ride today we get the opportunity to visit Drottningholm Castle, the principal residence of the Swedish royal family.  Here are a few pictures of that beautiful palace.

The palace has a beautiful lake view.  The inside is adorned with pictures of the royal family.  The dining room will hold most families.  And the king’s bedroom looks comfortable.

After this tour we mount our bikes and head on down the road.

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This map shows the bike route we will taking.  It starts in Stockholm, moves south and west, then north and back east to Stockholm.   As you can see there are numerous lakes and waterways in this part of Sweden.  In fact, Stockholm is spread over 14 islands with about 30% of the city being covered with water.

The notable things about the landscape on our ride is that the southern part is generally covered with large wheat fields and very little commercial facilities.  In the northern part of the ride there are major forests and more hill climbing then in the south.  All in all the country is beautiful and very natural.

Another distinctive thing about this route is there are something like 300 castles along the way.  We will be visiting a few of them on the ride.

Sit back and enjoy our RIDE IN SWEDEN.


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Our first hotel in Stockholm was the Hotell Reisen .  It was located across from the harbor in Stockholm.  Nice!

Once we got situated, we took a tour of some interesting spots in the city.  The park known as “Millesgarden” houses multiple statues created by Milles and other artists.  It is beautifully located along the river that flows through Stockholm.  The last picture is of the three girls (Georgie, Mimi and Lynn) trying to get their statues represented in the museum.  Good luck.






We also went to see the VASA Museum.  This museum houses the infamous sailing ship the VASA.  This ship was built in 1620 at the request of the king.  On its maiden voyage, however, it sank in the harbor soon after it was launched.  The engineers had misjudged the balancing of the bow needed to keep it floating upright.  Incredible art work can be seen on the outside of the ship.


We walked around town for a while longer and saw many interesting things.  Stockholm is a very interesting town and the people we met were very nice and friendly.





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On August 1st we boarded the plane for our flight to Stockholm, Sweden.   This was the start of an 11 day adventure that would cover nearly 200 mile of the beautiful Swedish country side known as “Sormland”.  This region is marked by many lakes, large wheat fields and beautiful forests.  In addition there were several unique sites along the way that we visited.

Our group of riders on this trip consisted of 19 bikers and one special helper to the guides (Georgie).  Our route was generally rolling hills for most of the journey.  Most of the folks had electric bikes and only a few of us had the old manual style—self-propelled.  It was a little difficult getting up some of the hills and after the second day I decided to go to the electric bike.  Normally this is not my preference, but I was missing out on the site-seeing while expending a lot of energy getting up the hills.

Today’s blog will be the first and will be followed by several more along with pictures of the beautiful landscape we encountered.  This is the first time I’ve been able to post on the blog since we started the trip as the hotels did not really have the computer/internet facilities available for me to post.  In addition our schedule was very busy so not much time to blog.

Then when we got home, we found our internet was out due to thunder storms in our area.  It is still out today but there is suppose to be a technician on the way.

So that’s the story.  I look forward to sharing our story with you and to show you the beauty of Sweden.  I might add that the people of Sweden were exceptionally nice no matter who we dealt with.

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I published a draft from the end of our trip in June.  It posted after my latest blog telling you that I am about to start an adventurous bike ride in Sweden.  That post is just after the one about us stopping in Indianapolis.  So dropped down one blog and you see the most current post.  Just trying to get use to this again.

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Today is our next to the last day on the road.

We left Indianapolis about 9am this morning with no great plan other than to get to Knoxville, Tn., this evening.  Georgie, however, was actively looking for cool things to see on Road Side America.

The first place we stopped was Greensburg, Il.  The reason we stopped there was to see an actual life tree growing out of the very top of the Court House Tower.


And there it is.  The area in front of the Court House was totally devoted to honoring those that had served our country in the various wars and conflicts through the years.

The placque in the very center of the Court House states “The Nation that Forgets its Defenders, Will be itself Forgotten”.  The truth our Nation lives by.

We left Greensburg and headed for Cinncinati.  On the way there Georgie found that there was “Sign Museum”.  With no idea what we would see, we went to this museum.  As we entered the parking lot there was a big sign that said “Holiday Inn”.  Did I make a wrong turn?  No, that was just one of the signs.  We parked the RV and went to the entrance.  Here is Georgie surveying the building.

So this was just the start.  On the inside,as you will see, there were hundreds of old signs–some neon and some that were painted.  I can’t possibly show you all of them but here are a few dozen to wet your appetite.




And finally, for my son, Rob, here is a sign he might reeognize.

I know my pictures don’t do this museum justice.  This is a unique place that should be put on everyone’s travel calendar.

After the tour through the museum,we went out to get to our car.  How could I resist getting a picture of Georgie with this fine animal.  Has see lost weight????

After finding myself still alive we decided to go to a local diner for lunch.  We chose a place called “Camp Washington Chili”.  And yes they served really good chili.  I picked a number 3 combo which gave me chili, spaghetti and cheese.  Check it out.

Georgie settled for just a bowl of chili.  It was all good.

After this adventure, Georgie had scheduled one more stop in Berea, Ky, to see the Historic Boone Tavern.  We drove through the town and finally found the Tavern, which turned out to be a complete hotel, with restaurant and bar. 

As we wandered around in the hotel looking for the historical part, a gentleman asked us if we had been there before.  WE told him that we were just passing through but wanted to see this site.  He turned out to be the Director of the Hotel and he personally showed us around and explained some of the sights.  I asked him how long he had lived in the town and he responded with “Oh, about a year.”  I’ sensing a pattern here.  If you recall the Director of the Museum in Bloomington had also moved there about a year ago to take his job.  We seem to find the right people.

The one last thing we saw today was this sign in the park across from the Boone Tavern.  It read “Daniel Boon Trail. North Carolina to Kentucky.”   How about that.

As I finish this blog today, the rain is pounding down on us.  Well, we have to get ready for our return to Flat Rock tomorrow.  Hope you have enjoyed these blogs.  Georgie and I have certainly enjoyed seeing these unusal places and things.  Good night, Friends.




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It’s been awhile but here we go again.

Dear Friends,
It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog. But tomorrow we board a flight to Stockholm, Sweden. We will be starting a 10 day bike ride in that beautiful country and I am going to try and blog the adventure to you each day. The only problem will be trying to find a computer that will do the job. At any rate, it should be a very interesting trip and I hope you will be able to follow the story and the pictures.

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So we actually left our campsite at 8am and had about a 4 hour drive to Indianapolis, Il., where we would be staying tonight.  As it turned out, it took us from 8am to 5pm to cover the 312 miles.  This was the result of numerous stops, many of which you are reading about.  So here is the story of the final stops.

In Oakwood, Il., there were two important stops we had to make.  The first was the Ludwig Creamery that posted signage regarding their famous cheeses.  The second, was the Sleepy Creek Winery that offered something to wash the cheese down with. (My words not theirs)

The Creamery was about 6 miles from the freeway exit but when we found it, we were only 100 feet from the freeway we had just gotten off.  In the yard were several cows, obviously the real producers of the place.  Before going inside I took a few pictures of the building and signs.

Inside the Creamery, they had a display of their various cheeses that you could sample individually.  So sample we did.  Then once you decide the ones you like, you turn around and open the refrigerator and take them out.  You pay the attendent and ask several questions and soon you are on your way.  Ludwig is an award winning producer based on these placques and ribbons on the wall.

With our tummys full of cheese we headed for the only sensible place we could get something to wash it down.  Yes! the Winery.  It was about 10 miles out of town but I drove fast to get there.  On the way I took a picture of this field of canola plants that Georgie told me were used to make Canola Oil.  Ok.

We finally arrived at the Winery.  Georgie moved in quicky on the slim chance they would be out of wine by 3:30pm.

They had plenty.  The bar-keep gave us a menu and said to pick three of the ones we wanted to sample.  Here are my three;

Labels: Bull Headed, Lunacy and Calavera our Cat.

The wines were pretty good.  Not the best but good just the same.  I ended up buying three bottles of the ones I liked.

Unable to stand at the bar much longer, we thanked the bar tender and headed for the car.  We soon arrived in Indianapolis at our camp site.  We got to our site and I hooked up.  We had talked about going to the movies tonight but were concerned about getting dinner taken care of before the movie started.  We then realized we had moved to a new time zone and we were an hour later.  Woops, no movie tonight.  As it turned our we had some nice neighbors whom we talked to and that passed the time.  The man was a demonlition expert who was working on a job in the area to take down on old building.  I gave him a bottle of wine in hopes he would not practice on our humble RV.

All in all an adventures day.  Hope you are having as much fun as we are.





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