It takes a lot of preparation to do a cross country bike ride of  4,285 miles particularly at the experienced age of 70.

And since I will be riding for three of our valued charities,  Kenmure Fights Cancer, St. Gerard House and Guide Dog Foundation.  I also want to make sure that my efforts are recognized and the donors will contribute to these fine charities.

I would definitely like to acknowledge the support I have received from others to put me in the best physical health plus providing not only equipment but inspiration for the adventure.  The following individuals and organizations have done just that:

Susan Shelton, Park Ridge Health – she has taken all the tests and kept me healthy.

Sycamore Cycles (Hendersonville, NC), Donnie Kirkwood and staff – have put my bikes in good running order and were kind enough to host my fundraiser on May 2nd.

Camping World (Fletcher, NC) – helped us prepare our RV.

Egolf Motors (Hendersonville, NC) – maintained our RV so we could make the trip
without mechanical difficulty.

Gary Ouderkirk for giving us advise on the RV whenever we had trouble. He even took the calls late at night when we couldn’t get the generator going. And to Becky Ouderkirk for browsing the internet to find answers to our problems.

Carolina Opthalmology, Dr. Marianne Van Kirk – made sure I could see the road and avoid obstacles!

Kenmure Fights Cancer Committee – for helping me to raise money for a very important cause.

St. Gerard House – for helping me understand that miracles are still possible.

Guide Dog Foundation – for giving us the chance to raise 12 guide dogs, some of whom have gone on to do amazing things in the lives of others.

Dr. Don Zehr, Hendersonville Vet — he has looked after the health of our guide dogs in training and given them the chance to help someone life a useful life.

Linda Bivens — my sister for donating the wine to our fund raiser and for letting everyone she meets know that she calls me “Mikie”.

John Murias — who operates Home Sweet Home Dog Training and Care for taking care of Levi while we are on our trip.

Larry Rostetter – who developed my initial web site which gave me the means to get my story out to you.

Joel Mathison and Kevin Stipe — for enhancing the web site to make it an efficient way to post the adventure we are about to take.

Susan Bush – for creating my logo and the card we have used to tell the story.

Robert Farmer, Asheville Courier – donation of a bike rack for the RV and for being the father of Coletrane, an unending string of stories.

Jenny Farmer – for her creative design on various published items that we used to spread the word about our trip.

iBike4Them Committee – Judy and Bob Standish, Kathrine Tims, Susan Bush, Jackie and Tom Murrill, Larry Rostetter, Gary and Becky Ouderkirk, Jenny Farmer, and Robert and Micah Farmer.

For everyone who has generously contributed to my causes without question. You are the best.


Mike Farmer

828 696-3601

11 Responses to Supporters

  1. Mike Heikes says:

    Kris, I’m not sure if I gave you my address to send the article. It is Mike Heikes, 23071 Co. Hwy, 1, Fergus Falls, MN 56537 Thanks.

  2. Kris Clark says:

    Mike, I never got around to sending you the story I wrote about you when you Georgie and the pup stayed at the Spear B and B in Tipton. Well, the story (made the front page!) is now on my desk and I’ll send it along to you if you can supply me with an address. Glad to see you finished your journey and, also, that you raised a lot of money for these worthy causes. Well done to all three of you. Oh, lastly, my email is, know we’ve been in touch, but only thought of that just now.

    My best, Kris

  3. Mike Heikes says:

    Good Luck!! Read about my 5 cross country rides in my autobiography, “Finding Purpose In Being a Brain Injury Survivor”. Available at Always looking for speaking opportunities. Mike

  4. Maureen Franklin says:

    You are so appreciative of all whom you meet – each person is inspired by what you are accomplishing. I read the comments and beautiful people share their hearts with you. I loved coming home today after getting Jerry settled in at his rehab place, needed a little pick me up and there was your blog. You and your team are in the home stretch and it must be exhilerating. I do hope to be there, just depends on how my husband is doing and if I am able to get away. Heard from the other Moe, would hate to miss seeing all of you.


  5. doug johnson says:

    Inspiration comes in many forms, meeting you and your family, riding with you, made my day. Someday I would hope to find a worthy cause and do something similar., Thanks for the memory.
    Doug the beekeeper

  6. Don Nolan says:

    I was watching WLOS for the weather report. It was preceded by a piece on a freind of yours. It was Michael Absher who used to live at the Buddhist ladies home.
    I ran into Michael a couple of times and he told me of his plan to start a “place ‘ For homeless kids to get some food and other items that are taken for granted by most folks.
    He has accomplished his goal by opening “Only Hope WNC”. In Michael’s interview
    he said the almost 300 homeless kids in Hendersonville should be able to get some food and other items without filling out a long form.
    I know you remember Michael and I’m sure you are proud of him.
    I’ll let you know when I learn how to reach him.
    You da man!!

  7. Mike,

    It was a pleasure in meeting you and your family. I wish you safe travels. If you go to August 17th of my journal, I posted the picture of your granddaughters. Please do not hesitate in making a copy if it’s something you want.

    Harvey Surrena

  8. Marilyn Kealoha says:

    Hey, Mike! Would you mind emailing me? We found something else in Chester we think might belong to you. Thank you, Marilyn

  9. Maureen Franklin says:

    Keep pictures of the clouds and cows coming, no two are alike. I spent last week at Whitefish Lake, Montana with my grandaughter looking at the clouds and figuring out what kind of creatures they might be….the imaginations of a 6 yr old and Grandma went wild. The special people you are meeting and sharing with us are so inspiring, they balance out all the negativity we hear from the news. By the way, do you think perhaps Gunder and Richard might have been taking a little “getaway” from their Amish community?

  10. Mike Heikes says:

    I saw on the Fargo news that you were in Fargo. I live 60 miles from Fargo in Fergus Falls,MN. I wish I could have met you. I am a Brain Injury Survivor and 5 time cross country bicyclist. I rode in all 50. DC, and all of the bordering providences. I formed Helmets For Kids. See I would like to send you a copy of my book, “Finding Purpose In Being a Brain Injury Survivor”. It tells about my rides. Can I get your mailing address?? Thank You, Mike Heikes

  11. Sherry Chase says:

    Just catching up on your blog!! You two are, without exception, the most adventurous two people I have ever known. From the first time I met you, Georgie, in my back yard sniffing freshly mowed grass to the time you, Mike, picked us up literally at our back door, I knew I loved you both!!!

    Enjoy this incredible adventure and God Bless you & keep you safe!!


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