The Ride


Northern Tier Route Summary:

Bar Harbor, ME, to Anacortes, WA  (approx 4,285 mi.)

1.  Bar Harbor, ME, to Ticonderoga, NY (401.5 mi.)
2.  Ticonderoga, NY, to Orchard Park, NY (421.5 mi.)
3.  Orchard Park, NY, to Monroeville, IN (408.5 mi.)
4.  Monroeville, IN, to Muscatine, IA, to (401.5 mi.)
5.  Muscatine, IA, to Stillwater, MN (396.5 mi.)
6.  Stillwater, MN, to Grand Rapids, MN (234 mi.)
 7.  Grand Rapids, MN, to Fargo, ND (227.5 mi.)
 8.  Fargo, ND, to Dickinson, ND, to (351 mi.)
9.   Dickinson, ND, to Cut Bank, MT, to (544 mi.)
10.  Cut Bank, MT, to Sandpoint, ID (446.5 mi.)
11.   Sandpoint, ID, to Anacortes, WA (462 mi.)
The information below is provided by Adventure Cycle who publishes the maps for the NorthernTier.  They run the trip from west to east so this reads a little backward from what I will be doing.


The Northern Tier comprises three smaller route segments, described below.

Anacortes, Washington, to Fargo, North Dakota

This section, beginning at sea level, offers large expanses of mountains, the Great Plains, and some beautiful farmland areas in between. It can be ridden from late spring to late fall. Due to snow, State Highway 20 east of North Cascades National Park in Washington is only open through certain dates. The same is true for Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park in Montana, which is usually closed until early June. Even in the height of summer in July, cyclists must be prepared for cold nights and occasional snow in the higher elevations during storms. Due to changing local conditions, it is difficult to predict any major wind patterns.

Fargo, North Dakota, to Muscatine, Iowa

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa stand out as some of the greenest and lushest of all the states along the Northern Tier Route. From either direction, this greenery proves to be a relief from the giant plains to the west and acres of farmland to the east. You’ll learn a lot about the history of the Mississippi River as you follow it southward.

Muscatine, Iowa, to Bar Harbor, Maine

The Iowa to Maine section stretches from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. In between it touches two of the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls — which is one of the scenic wonders of North America — and follows a transportation corridor that opened the country west of the original colonies. It passes through cities that were once the backbone of American industrialism and are now remaking themselves into the modern idiom, through hamlets, villages, and towns that define the region with a notable story to tell, and through places that played pivotal roles in the history of the United States.

7 Responses to The Ride

  1. Linda and Frank says:

    To Mikie, Georgie, Quincy, Jennie, Alex, Sidney and the many supporters of this great adventure for worthy causes, congratulations and God bless for your safe passage.

  2. Jim Bentz says:

    Hi Mike,

    My daughter met you at the Painted Canyon Overlook near Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. It just so happens I live in Anacortes. I’ve fantasized about a long distance bike trip for years. Would love to meet you when you get to Anacortes, and perhaps get one step closer to making the fantasy a reality.

    Jim Bentz

    • mfarmer says:

      Jim, great to hear from you. Can you send me your email address to My wife would like to talk to you about places to stay in Anacortes and we’d like to invite you to our End of the Road party on or about 9/2. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Lou D'Amelio says:


    Sounds like a great adventure! When are you due to arrive in Anacortes?

  4. Bobbie Kunkler says:

    Hi Georgi & Mike. Have had company, company and lost track of your travels. In my non biking mind, I thought I would see you in Michigan and you could have stayed with us. Have 3 empty bedrooms. Glad all is going well and having a wonderful adventure. Photos are great, say hello to the oil rigs and hope gas is cheap up there. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Catching up with you. Bobbie

  5. Maureen Franklin says:

    Each day the scenery gets more marvelous, old Chuck wasn’t so bad either. The pictures and stories are what I look forward at the end of each day. You should have a contest to see who guesses the correct number of new folks you have met along the way, although I recall someone is keeping tally, she will have the right answer. I just had an e-mail from Moe Claydon, they are planning to be in Anacortes when you arrive. I also wrote the editor of the Skagit Valley Herald, to give him your website, told him Anacortes was getting a lot of free notoriaty from your RV. Thought some of the readers would enjoy your blog….a glimpse of small town America at it’s best. Haven’t heard back yet. Happy trails. Maureen

  6. Jim Watson says:


    I’m Tom Watson’s brother, and I live in St. Paul, MN about an hour’s ride from Stillwater. I’m interested in your upcoming ride through these parts and wonder if you’d like some company for a few hours as you ride through.

    Jim Watson

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