The Climb of My Life–The trail’s unique features.

We encountered deep gorges and had to negotiate over spring avalanche flows that had raced down the snow sheets in the warm weather and piled up in the river canyon creating a natural obstacle of snow boulders in the course of our travel. We passed through villages that while they had developed as a result of the invation of trekkers in the last several years, their way of life seemed quite unchanged from previous centuries. The main trail through town generally was an open sewer used by the village residences for discarding all forms of waste as well as using the flowing tap water for cooking and washing. Little children with bare bottoms played in the dirt while old men and curious women watched through half closed doors as the invaders from the west trekked through their sanctuary.

It was not unusual to have a cow, waterbuffalo or small herd of sheep be the cause for a major traffic jam in these small villages. Our trekking days were usually clear except for two rainy days. One of these days the rain was so relenting that we were forced to bed inside a partially finished tea house where the temperature inside was several degrees colder than the temperature outside.

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