The Climb of My Life–Dhaulogire

When we arrived in Chitre, Dhaulagiri had been shrouded in the afternoon cloud cover that was so common in these rock giants. But in the crisp cold morning air Dhaulagiri would lower this curtain and allow us mortals to see her vast beauty.

I waited a few minutes trying to work up the strength to open my sleeping bag and let in the cold morning chill. Finally I unzipped the tent flap and even though Dhaulagiri was several miles away its mass immediately filled the entire field of vision afforded by the tent’s opening. Like a giant sumo wrestler its broad shoulders and hips in the morning sunlight could only be described by the words that rushed out of my mouth and hung in the morning air–OH MY GOD!! It was beautiful, unbelievably large and the sun highlighted every prominent feature of this snow capped diamond.

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