The Climb of my Life–The Himalayas are Stunning

Yes, I’m a little too old to climb in the Himalayas but that doesn’t stop me from writing about the time I did climb in 1998.  In the late 1990’s I was obsessed with reading books about those who climbed these amazing mountains.  I always wanted to do it.  Finally I got up the courage and the money to see what it was all about.

The story you are about to read was of my first major adventure into the Himalayas.  I just discovered this letter today in all of my archives about my adventures.  When I started to read this April 23, 1998 letter that I had written and faxed to Georgie from Nepal at the base of Annapurna, I got excited to read the whole thing as the adventure unfolded.

So, since the weather here is too cold and wet to bike and I recently broke my wrist in a fall making it difficult to grip a handlebar, I’m going to treat you to a climb of great beauty in the Himalaya.  Enjoy.

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