An adventurous week–I didn’t even ride a bike #2

So before I continue to Part 2 of our adventurous week, I need to correct some things in Part 1.  This morning Georgie read the blog from yesterday and found a few errors.  Apparently the “Moon” was in a square in Durham not Raleigh.  Also Durham is the “Bull City” not Raleigh.  There may have been a few others but these needed correcting.  Oh! and we also visited Duke University where we toured their amazing chapel.  This chapel holds over 1,500 people and was architecturally beautiful.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a very large structure appointed with stained glass throughout.  In fact, we were told that the many verses of the bible were portrayed in the stained glass.  There was also two organs with a huge pipe assembly at the entrance to the chapel.  All in all it was quite something to see.



Now its on to Myrtle Beach to see my niece, Dina, and her husband, Brian.  They recently purchased a new house there after moving from California.  It was a very nice house on a canal.  Well appointed on the inside and the yard looked great.  They had a pool but Dina doesn’t swim.  Probably will put gold fish in it.

The next day Dina and Brian took us to the seashore in the area known as the Boardwalk.  Here we rode the largest ferris wheel I have ever seen.  It was call the “Sky Wheel”.  What a view we had from the top.  We could see for miles up and down the shore line.  We went around five times in this big wheel.  Then we walked the Boardwalk and came across this house which looked a little odd.  It was tilted significantly to one side.  When we went in everything was on a tilt.  It was the fun house of fun houses.  We didn’t go through the whole house, the first floor was enough for all of us.


The next day we went for a tour of the city’s fantastic aquarium.  It was uniquely structured to give you the best view of swimming sharks and the fish living in the same water.  It was very intriguing and Georgie and Dina just had to be in the jaws of a shark.


This was quite an amazing aquarium.  It was one of the unique attractions you can find in Myrtle Beach.  This is a town worth visiting for sure.

This was Part 2 of our trip.  It was now time to head home to a unique encounter in Part 3.

Join us on Sunday.
























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