An adventurous week–and I didn’t even ride a bike.

The adventure started October 28 with a long drive to Raleigh/Durham.  We were meeting our friends there who composed our Anniversary Group.  Sixteen years ago these four couples were at a party.  We got to talking about anniversaries and it didn’t take long to learn that we were all married in the same month–the month of August.  Different wedding dates and years but all August weddings.  As I said, that was 16 years ago and now for the last 15 years we have meeting annually some place and spent three exciting days together visiting, exploring the sites and eating.

The four couples include Mike and Diane Butler, Larry and Nancy McGaughy, Jerry and Jeannie Harbaugh and Mike and Georgie Farmer.  At one time these were all Kenmure residents, but now the Butlers and Harbaughs have relocated.  We still always look forward to getting together each year and sharing stories, laughter and adventure.

This year it was our turn to plan the trip.  Georgie picked Raleigh/Durham.  She found a nice B&B there and it appeared that there were several attractions that we would all be interested in.  The 264 mile drive to Raleigh on October 28 was long.  We planned on meeting the others at noon for lunch and we did.  We then began the tour at the State Capitol building.  The boys posed in front of a statue of three president, one on horse back.  The girls also made the pose and the tour was on.


We then went to check out the Governors’s office but he wasn’t there.  And the congress was gone too.  Didn’t they know we were coming to see them?  Seriously!!!


As we toured around the downtown area, we saw something unusual in one of the town squares.  It was the MOON!!!!  Yes, an exact replica of the moon placed in the square to celebrate an upcoming event in the city.  As you can see, it was big.                   .

At another point in town we saw a bronze bull.  Apparently, Raleigh is known as the “BULL” Town.  Mike Butler could not resist sniffing and kissing the bull.  And we all gather around the Bull for a group picture.


Now it is lunch time.  We went to a nice restaurant with great food.  And I meet a pink penguin who was very nice but didn’t talk much.


Continuing our tour we then visited a very historical place in Greensboro, North Carolina.  It was known as the Bennett farm and in this place General Joseph Johston, Commander of the Confederate Army, and Major General W.T. Sherman, Commanding the U.S. Army, met to sign the surrender terms that ended the Civil War.  The date was April 26, 1865.


The two pictures above represent the actual table on which both men signed this historic document and the farm house where the signing took place.   The photo below is a copy of the document they both signed to end the war.  (Sorry about the flash).  And the structure outside where we were all standing is a UNITY memorial provided by the president of the United States to commemorate the event.  Very toughing place.


On our last night we had a dinner party for the three people celebrating birthdays in October.  Georgie arranged for a cake and we had a few decorations to enjoy the party.  The funniest thing during our whole adventure trip, was when Mike Butler got up and starting singing the song “Chantilly Lace”.  It was a riot and everyone was singing along.


So that was the first three days of our week long adventure.  Next I will be telling you about the sites we saw when we left Durham/Raleigh and traveled to my niece’s home in Myrtle Beach.  After that I will tell you the amazing story of Stacy, who rode with me on my cross country ride in 2013 and who contacted me when we got home on this last Monday.  She said that she had decided to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway from near Asheville to Charlottesville.  This was a ride of about 450 miles without support.  I’ll tell you about this in two days.  Stay tuned.

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