Chapter 7–The Adventure is over and life is better.

This was a great adventure.  We laughed, we cried a little, we ached, we succeeded, we saw each other overcome physical and mental odds, we killed a black fly.  (Yeah, that fly was really bugging us in camp for a couple of days, so we took him out.)

During this adventure there were not fathers and sons or friends.  There were just three men pulling together to help each other be successful and reach their goal.  The climbs were a challenge.  The friendship and caring for each other was the great result.

Rob is a very special person.  He loves nature and respects it dearly.  “Dad, step on the rocks or the dirt so you don’t crush the plant growth.”  As I said before, the mountains seem to be his play ground.  He is so at home there and becoming so knowledgeable.  At the Climbers Camp guys that had been climbing for years were asking Rob for advise on where and how to climb.  Sometimes the jargon was so foreign I needed a translator to understand what was being said.

Rob is committed to climbing as much as I’m committed to breathing.  I’m not sure I could ask him to be more dedicated to something other than climbing.  I’m also not sure where it all leads.  By the time he is 30 he will probably have climbed most of the major peaks in this country and done many of the difficult rock climbing routes as well.  Does it matter that he will not be rich monetarily?  Well, when I see the joy in his face when he makes a new summit that question is easily answered.

And if nothing else, he has helped his father enjoy the adventure as well.  In the end, father and son are both doing quite well.

Mike Farmer, July 24, 1994


Rob did continue to do his adventures.  They changed as time went on.  And in his early 30’s he bought his own business and maintained it successfully for the next 17 years.  Now he is choosing to retire from that career and seek new adventures.  On the weekends he and his son, Coletrane, take the truck into the mountains of Western North Carolina and drive the many rugged trail through the beautiful natural forests.  He is teaching Coletrane to love nature and adventure as well.

As a result of that 1994 trip, I have gone on to climb mountains in the Himalaya, South America and in the US as well.  My special adventure has become biking and I have biked across the US coast to coast twice.  Last time at the age of 70.  I have also biked in some 25 countries around the world.

So what prompted me to do these adventures?  Clearly it was the joy of that climb in 1994 with Rob and Jim that let me experience the rewards of these physical endeavors.  As a father, I owe Rob a lot for showing me the way to truly enjoy the life that I have been given.  KEEP UP THE ADVENTURE.


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