Chapter 5–Climbing Support

Any successful summit attempt is only reached with adequate preparation and a lot of support and encouragement.  We had something a little special on this trip.  My friends, the Cases, gave me a medal of the Lady of Majorica to wear.  I was honored and knew it was a strong force that would protect us and give us strength.

One night I told Jim about getting the medal.  I said you may not believe in its powers or religious significance, but I think it will keep us save.  He said “Well, actually I do believe in anything like that, that a person feels has the energy to protect.”  As it turned out going up to the Gannett Summit and later up Dinwoody Pass, I called on the strength of the Lady many times, asking Blessed Mary’s help to get me up the mountain, to calm whatever fear I had, and to keep our team safe.

Our prayers must have been answered cause we had a very safe and successful trip.  Thanks Cases.

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