Chapter 4–Fathers can be Cool

Today was our last day together.  Rob and I were walking to meet Barb and Jim for breakfast.  I gave Rob some money for the trip back and some extra to take Jim and his girlfriend and Jenny to dinner.  But Rob protested saying that he really only needed $20 and that I had been far too generous on this trip already.  He said that he and Jim were both feeling a little bad about all the good meals and the other things that I had bought for all of us during the trip.

I told him not to worry.  This trip was special and I don’t usually spend money on him during the course of the year.  He said “Dad, my friends that have met you think you are really cool.  Before I left Missoula some of my friends who haven’t met you were asking me who was going on this trip with me.  When I told them I was going to spend a week and a half with my Dad and Jim, they said “With your Dad?  Why would you want to spend all that time with your Dad?”  I told them “No, he’s cool.  It’s really going to be fun.  I’m really looking forward to it.”

Then he said “Dad, most of my friends don’t have the kind of parents that they would want to spend two days with much less a week and half.  And Dad, Jim thinks you’re cool too.”

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2 Responses to Chapter 4–Fathers can be Cool

  1. Maureen Franklin says:


    First of all you are an amazing, descriptive writer. I laughed when you delved into the van details, made you feel like you were sitting in the middle of a young kid’s chaos, but then it seems you became accustomed to it, and became one with the van.
    What I love about what you wrote is the relationship you have with Rob. He was wanting you to fulfill your dream, but knew he couldn’t allow the others on the journey to be jeopardized. He was strong, brave, and tender in his caring for you. That s the biggest treasure and gift a parent or person could have. I am sure you know that.

    I think you should continue your writing. I so enjoy reading books by travel writers, putting myself into their adventures as they wander through the world. So never stop writing and continue on your special journeys.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • mike farmer says:

      Maureen, thanks for all the great comments. As a result I’m about to write about 2 weeks of adventure Georgie and I just had. It was not mountain climbing nor was I riding a bike, but it was adventurous. Here it comes.

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