Bike Ride in Sweden–Day 5–Floda Kyrka

Today our shorter ride of 26 miles will take us through tranquil and remote parts of Sodermanland.  We will be headed for Floda Kyrka, where there is a sacred gothic building with magnificent liturgical fresco dating back to the 15th century.

As you can see the route today is very natural with beautiful fields and forests.  It is this natural beauty that makes this ride such a relaxing pleasure.

Once again our lunch is a spectacular presentation of wonderful food.  In addition, the setting is by a beautiful lake that makes the whole scene very unique and restful.  We are really spoiled.

After lunch we reach the Floda Kyrka and the gothic building that is magnificent in size and architecture.  There is a wooden bell tower in the front of the church.  This was constructed after the many lightening strikes had destroyed the church’s bell tower.

In this local area I happened onto the sighting of a beautiful rainbow.  Reminded me of home.

And once on the bus headed for the train, we see this rather unusual figure of a young boy playing with some kind of toy.  Several of the roundabouts in this area had sculptures on display.

That’s about it for today.  We finished the day with a train ride back to Katrineholm, where we had spent the prior evening.  Tomorrow our ride will take us to Mariefred. –35 miles away.

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