Bike Ride in Sweden–Bike and Train to Katrineholm

As we leave the town of Sodertalje, we are greeted with a ride in the beautiful country side of Sweden.  In our brochure it is stated as “the land of the Southern men.  This title was given because the scenic landscape has become a place of longing to many Sweden lovers.  In this area there are about 400 manor houses and small castles.

On this, our 4th day of riding, we head to Trosa and traverse the heartland of Sodermanlands.  Our route boasts of wild beauty, speckled by the typical wooden houses, painted in red and ochre yellow.  As our guide has told us, the Swedes in this area worked on mining iron ore which had a unique red color to it.  And in the process they developed some of the first paint.  The initial color was “red” and thus many of the houses in this region are “red”.





Here is our group ready to take off after we hear about the route from our guide, Dieter.  The trails we rode on were very interesting and more rural as we pasted through many agricultural areas.


Georgie, who was the “Guide-Protem” (whatever that means) was seen standing in one of these fields as we approach our lunch area.  She waved us all in and of course we all followed her directions.



Somewhere along the way we took a short ferry ride across one of the many lakes and waterways.  We also saw more stunning churches.



In Gnesta we boarded a train to Katrineholm.  We will be travelling  on the oldest and still most important railway route in Sweden today.  The views of the country side we pasted through were again amazing and beautiful.  In some case, large herds of cattle or sheep filled the picture.



And before I finish this blog, I must say something about the incredible lunches/picnics we had virtually every day we rode.  These were prepared by Andreas, who was a young man who drove the support vehicle and worked late at night and into the morning preparing the most beautiful display of fruit, vegetables and meats for our lunch.  All of this displayed uniquely on a fold-out table generally under a tree somewhere along our biking route.



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