Our first hotel in Stockholm was the Hotell Reisen .  It was located across from the harbor in Stockholm.  Nice!

Once we got situated, we took a tour of some interesting spots in the city.  The park known as “Millesgarden” houses multiple statues created by Milles and other artists.  It is beautifully located along the river that flows through Stockholm.  The last picture is of the three girls (Georgie, Mimi and Lynn) trying to get their statues represented in the museum.  Good luck.






We also went to see the VASA Museum.  This museum houses the infamous sailing ship the VASA.  This ship was built in 1620 at the request of the king.  On its maiden voyage, however, it sank in the harbor soon after it was launched.  The engineers had misjudged the balancing of the bow needed to keep it floating upright.  Incredible art work can be seen on the outside of the ship.


We walked around town for a while longer and saw many interesting things.  Stockholm is a very interesting town and the people we met were very nice and friendly.





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