On August 1st we boarded the plane for our flight to Stockholm, Sweden.   This was the start of an 11 day adventure that would cover nearly 200 mile of the beautiful Swedish country side known as “Sormland”.  This region is marked by many lakes, large wheat fields and beautiful forests.  In addition there were several unique sites along the way that we visited.

Our group of riders on this trip consisted of 19 bikers and one special helper to the guides (Georgie).  Our route was generally rolling hills for most of the journey.  Most of the folks had electric bikes and only a few of us had the old manual style—self-propelled.  It was a little difficult getting up some of the hills and after the second day I decided to go to the electric bike.  Normally this is not my preference, but I was missing out on the site-seeing while expending a lot of energy getting up the hills.

Today’s blog will be the first and will be followed by several more along with pictures of the beautiful landscape we encountered.  This is the first time I’ve been able to post on the blog since we started the trip as the hotels did not really have the computer/internet facilities available for me to post.  In addition our schedule was very busy so not much time to blog.

Then when we got home, we found our internet was out due to thunder storms in our area.  It is still out today but there is suppose to be a technician on the way.

So that’s the story.  I look forward to sharing our story with you and to show you the beauty of Sweden.  I might add that the people of Sweden were exceptionally nice no matter who we dealt with.

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  1. Doug johnson says:

    I am looking for the next bike adventure, and could follow your route- are their accommodations along the way? Thanks
    Doug in Washington state

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