Today is our next to the last day on the road.

We left Indianapolis about 9am this morning with no great plan other than to get to Knoxville, Tn., this evening.  Georgie, however, was actively looking for cool things to see on Road Side America.

The first place we stopped was Greensburg, Il.  The reason we stopped there was to see an actual life tree growing out of the very top of the Court House Tower.


And there it is.  The area in front of the Court House was totally devoted to honoring those that had served our country in the various wars and conflicts through the years.

The placque in the very center of the Court House states “The Nation that Forgets its Defenders, Will be itself Forgotten”.  The truth our Nation lives by.

We left Greensburg and headed for Cinncinati.  On the way there Georgie found that there was “Sign Museum”.  With no idea what we would see, we went to this museum.  As we entered the parking lot there was a big sign that said “Holiday Inn”.  Did I make a wrong turn?  No, that was just one of the signs.  We parked the RV and went to the entrance.  Here is Georgie surveying the building.

So this was just the start.  On the inside,as you will see, there were hundreds of old signs–some neon and some that were painted.  I can’t possibly show you all of them but here are a few dozen to wet your appetite.




And finally, for my son, Rob, here is a sign he might reeognize.

I know my pictures don’t do this museum justice.  This is a unique place that should be put on everyone’s travel calendar.

After the tour through the museum,we went out to get to our car.  How could I resist getting a picture of Georgie with this fine animal.  Has see lost weight????

After finding myself still alive we decided to go to a local diner for lunch.  We chose a place called “Camp Washington Chili”.  And yes they served really good chili.  I picked a number 3 combo which gave me chili, spaghetti and cheese.  Check it out.

Georgie settled for just a bowl of chili.  It was all good.

After this adventure, Georgie had scheduled one more stop in Berea, Ky, to see the Historic Boone Tavern.  We drove through the town and finally found the Tavern, which turned out to be a complete hotel, with restaurant and bar. 

As we wandered around in the hotel looking for the historical part, a gentleman asked us if we had been there before.  WE told him that we were just passing through but wanted to see this site.  He turned out to be the Director of the Hotel and he personally showed us around and explained some of the sights.  I asked him how long he had lived in the town and he responded with “Oh, about a year.”  I’ sensing a pattern here.  If you recall the Director of the Museum in Bloomington had also moved there about a year ago to take his job.  We seem to find the right people.

The one last thing we saw today was this sign in the park across from the Boone Tavern.  It read “Daniel Boon Trail. North Carolina to Kentucky.”   How about that.

As I finish this blog today, the rain is pounding down on us.  Well, we have to get ready for our return to Flat Rock tomorrow.  Hope you have enjoyed these blogs.  Georgie and I have certainly enjoyed seeing these unusal places and things.  Good night, Friends.




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