So we actually left our campsite at 8am and had about a 4 hour drive to Indianapolis, Il., where we would be staying tonight.  As it turned out, it took us from 8am to 5pm to cover the 312 miles.  This was the result of numerous stops, many of which you are reading about.  So here is the story of the final stops.

In Oakwood, Il., there were two important stops we had to make.  The first was the Ludwig Creamery that posted signage regarding their famous cheeses.  The second, was the Sleepy Creek Winery that offered something to wash the cheese down with. (My words not theirs)

The Creamery was about 6 miles from the freeway exit but when we found it, we were only 100 feet from the freeway we had just gotten off.  In the yard were several cows, obviously the real producers of the place.  Before going inside I took a few pictures of the building and signs.

Inside the Creamery, they had a display of their various cheeses that you could sample individually.  So sample we did.  Then once you decide the ones you like, you turn around and open the refrigerator and take them out.  You pay the attendent and ask several questions and soon you are on your way.  Ludwig is an award winning producer based on these placques and ribbons on the wall.

With our tummys full of cheese we headed for the only sensible place we could get something to wash it down.  Yes! the Winery.  It was about 10 miles out of town but I drove fast to get there.  On the way I took a picture of this field of canola plants that Georgie told me were used to make Canola Oil.  Ok.

We finally arrived at the Winery.  Georgie moved in quicky on the slim chance they would be out of wine by 3:30pm.

They had plenty.  The bar-keep gave us a menu and said to pick three of the ones we wanted to sample.  Here are my three;

Labels: Bull Headed, Lunacy and Calavera our Cat.

The wines were pretty good.  Not the best but good just the same.  I ended up buying three bottles of the ones I liked.

Unable to stand at the bar much longer, we thanked the bar tender and headed for the car.  We soon arrived in Indianapolis at our camp site.  We got to our site and I hooked up.  We had talked about going to the movies tonight but were concerned about getting dinner taken care of before the movie started.  We then realized we had moved to a new time zone and we were an hour later.  Woops, no movie tonight.  As it turned our we had some nice neighbors whom we talked to and that passed the time.  The man was a demonlition expert who was working on a job in the area to take down on old building.  I gave him a bottle of wine in hopes he would not practice on our humble RV.

All in all an adventures day.  Hope you are having as much fun as we are.





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