I’M BACK.    Yes there are more adventures to come in this day.  Here we go.

Next stop was the town of Bloomington, Il.  We stopped here to see a very historical figure.  There are some statues of  Lincoln in Bloomington.  And ,of course, we all know that the town of Lincoln is not far from Bloomington.  Anyway, we went to Bloomington to see the statue of Lincoln in a struggle with two of his close friends over his “free the slaves” speech.  The two men were David Davis and Jessie Fell.  Lincoln stood strong and prevailed in this fight.  The interaction was called the “Convergence of Purpose”.  The statue was erected in 2010.

After viewing this unique statue and reading all the plaques associated with it, we headed to the City Court House to see a statue of Lincoln sitting on a bench in front of the building.  I had a little trouble finding it at first and had to ask a local where it was.  I finally found it.  As I sat down on the bench next to Lincoln and looked him in the eye before taking the selfie, a young gentleman came up to me and asked if I wanted him to take the picture.  Of course, I responded yes.  Here is the picture.

As I talked to the young man, he began to tell me about some history of the town that could be found in the Museum that was in the Court House.  I then asked him if he lived in this town and he said “Yes, for about a year.”  I asked him what brought him here.  “Oh” he said, “I was offered the job as Director of the Museum.”  So then I asked him if he would mind if I took his picture with Lincoln.  He naturally replied, “Of course. Would be happy to.”

Here is Adam, the Museum Director, sitting with Abe Lincoln in front of the Court House.

I’m sure Lincoln enjoyed visiting with both of us.

Off to the next town and next adventure–PAGE 3.



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