Drove over 300 miles today and nothing happened.

Seriously, do you believe that heading? Of course, we had some adventures.  Here they are.

First we stopped in Peoria, Il., to see three special things.  First we saw a replica of the St. Louis Arch.  However, this one was a bit smaller and had a car anchored in the middle of the arch.

Next we saw an ice cream building that literally looked like the product they were selling.

The third and last thing we saw was the Giant Rooster with a Top Hat.  Notice how I captured the sign behind him that said this was a “Quick Stop”.

But the good news after seeing all of these unique markers, was the fact that the store just behind the rooster was actually a bakery.  So naturally we had to stock up on the good things they had inside.

Ah, yes, the start of the day can be filled with adventures and yummy donuts as well.  Eat your heart out.

I’m going to continue this days blog on the next page, simply marked PAGE 2.

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