How about just a short relaxed story of our day?

We got up at 6:30am and got ready so we could go on the 9am tour at the Winnebago plant, which was virtually across the street from the park we stayed last night.  Here I am enjoying a glass of grape juice–Merlot ,I think.  Not at 6:30am.  It was more like 6:30pm the night before.  Geezes!

Didn’t really know what to expect we’d see in the plant but it turned out to be very fasinating.  We met our tour guy, Lowell, and 18 other people a the Winnebago Visitors Center.

We were boarded on the tour bus and driven a short distance to the plant grounds.  Just about every where we looked on the grounds around the plant buidings, there were RV’s in different phases of completion.  Hopefully you get some idea from this picture.

Once on the grounds we were escorted onto a couple of the plant floors.  The first one we saw was where they made all the accessories.  These included furniture, cushions, chairs, cabinets,etc.  They had cutters, sewers, sewing machines, and computer operated machines to cut things precisely to the measurement needed.

Here is Georgie in her tour gear.  Plastic glasses, ear plugs and orange vest.  Fashionable, right?

After this, we went to the assembly plant known as the “Big Bertha”.  Here we saw them assembling the actual RV.  They were putting floors on the chasis, walls, windows and interior finish.  Even exterior decals were attached.  It was quite amazing to see the people perform.  They obviously knew what they were doing and they did it quickly and accurately.  You can really appreciate the quality of a Winnebago when you see this factory at work.

I think the guide told us that they had a staff of over 2,500 employees.  Most came from the local town but many were drawn from the surrounding area.

After this fascinating tour we went back to the Service Center where Georgie bought several little parts we needed for our RV.  Nothing terribly mechanical.

We then went back to our RV and drove into Forest City, the closest town to Winnebago.  We decided to have Chinese food based on the recommendation of two sales clerks in the Winnebago Service Center.  The food was really good.  We had Sweet and Sour Shrimp and Chicken.

We then started our ride to Davenport, Ia., where we were staying tonight.  On the way there, we went through the town of Waterloo, Ia.  The name Waterloo brings up many thoughts from history.  But for us it was about the music.  I looked up the song Waterloo and found a video of ABBA singing the song in their beautiful manner.  Since I had found their album with the song on it, we decided to have an ABBA Concert.  We were singing along and clapping our hands.  Georgie was driving so she could only clap one hand.  Very entertaining.

Yes! This is ABBA.

When we finally got to Davenport, we were really tired.  So a Margarita and a glass of wine, helped to relax us.

Since we had left-overs from lunch, Georgie warmed up the Chinese food and we feasted on it once again.  Yum! Yum!


After dinner we took a walk around the RV park and got back to our site shortly after watching the sun start it late night move into the horizon.  I told Georgie to remind me to go out and take a picture of the sunset in about a half-hour.  I forgot but she remembered.  I walked quickly to the edge of the park and caught a few pictures.  This one says it all.

That’s about it for this relaxed day.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Oh, here is our RV parked at the campground tonight.

Good night my friends.

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