Today: Nothing planned on our drive to Forest City. But just wait and see!!!

We spent the night Chamberlain, SD.  We actually got up early and were on the road by 8:30am.  A relatively new record for us.  As we drove on I90 toward our destination at Forest City, Iowa, about 320 miles away, we had some unplanned yet interesting things happen.

The first thing I saw was this sign that says the Center of the Nation.  In actuality the center point is about 20 mile away and is marked by a very small placque.  The Monument at the current Center of the Nation is quite large.  Great for picture taking.

The road along the way was again very natural, with only a few farms and some cattle grazing.


Soon after this, I noticed that our engine light on the RV had come on.  I stopped and checked the oil and water but all seemed ok.  We drove to the next town, Kimball, where we  stopped at the first auto repair we saw.  Turned out to be the right decision.  The staff was so nice.  They did a full diagnostic in about an hour and confirmed that nothing would keep us from continuing our trip.  There was only a minor issue with something that got stuck in one of the air filters.  We were on our way again.

With the good news about the RV we decided to celebrate by having lunch in the Walmart parking lot.  Yum!

Then we were back on the road.  Two interesting items caught my attention while Georgie drove.   The first was the number wind-turbines set up on miles of farm land to catch the wind and ultimately produce electricity for the locals.  As we learned on an earlier trip, they also sell the excess energy to other communities.  What was startling was the vast number of turbines.  They covered the landscape for about 30 miles.  Most interesting.

The last thing we saw was the uniqueness of the farmsteads.  Each and every farmstead sat on large acrage of plowed fields.  The houses were anywhere from 300 yards apart to a 1000 yards apart.  But each and every one had trees growing around the house.  When you looked out to the horizon it was like little green spots planted in brown.  We think the reason for the trees was to give the homeowners shade but more importantly to protect them from the wind and other seasonal issues.  Look at this picture.  We saw hundreds of these tree clusters.  In fact, we saw only a few house over our 70 mile ride, that did not have a tree cluster around the house.  Quite a tree-mendous thing I guess.

WAIT!!!! The day is not over yet.  We made a decision to take some side roads off the freeway to get to our destination, Forest City.  We could have taken the freeway but we needed a break from the bumpy road and farm scenery.  We headed initially through the town of Blue Earth.  We were stunned to learn of the one unique item that was in this town.  Here is Georgie standing with===yes!  The Jolly Green Giant.  He was erected in 1979 and now stands 60 feet high in Giant Park .  I got Georgie to stand next to him for a picture and suddenly he was 160 feet tall.  You be the judge.

You would think that after a busy day like today, we’d just go to our camp and get into bed and sleep.  Not so much.  Georgie wanted to get the car washed because we were going to do a tour of the Winnebago factory.  Our RV is a Winnebago.  Well she wanted the bug ladened vehicle looking sharp when we parked in the Winnebago lot with all the other people.  So we stopped at the first car wash that could accommodate an RV.  And here we are.




After this fun yet unplanned day, I’m going to bed.

Good night all.





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