Driving through beautiful America.

On Sunday, June 2, we left Georgie’s family in Spokane and headed east to our home in No. Carolina.  It was an estimated 2,500 miles back to Flat Rock, NC., and somewhere between 33 to 36 hours of driving time.  But how else would we get home?

Our ride started in Spokane after we went to church at 9am.  From there we went to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  The most impressive thing is how beautiful all of these states are with unique landscape, mountain terrain, grazing animals and limited amount of commercial signs messing it all up.

The first day we drove from Spokane to Missoula, Mt., a distance of 200 miles. After a good lunch we fired up the RV and ended up in West Yellowstone, Idaho.  We found a nice campground and got a good nights sleep.  The next morning (today), we headed for the West Entrance to Yellowstone and found ourselves in a long line of cars trying to get into the park at 9am in the morning.

We were patient and finally got to the ticket booth and showed the guard our park pass.  He waved us on in and we took off.  We got about 15 miles and suddenly there was a long line of cars moving very slowly on the road.  It later turned out that several Bison were on the side of the road and every car had to stop and take multiple pictures of these magnificent animals.  When we finally made our way to the front, we took one picture and drove a short distance to a turn out where we saw several bison grazing in the nearby field.  We took lots of pictures and didn’t once hold up the traffic.

After that we continue to drive to Yellowstone Lake and absorbed the tremendous beauty that has made this such a popular park.  Of course, we went to see Old Faithful and got there about 15 minutes before he started his performance.  And when he blew his top he was only one minute late from the scheduled program time.

After these exciting events we started to head out of the park.  The road to Buffalo, Wy., was again outstandingly beautiful with only a minor exception.  We caught the road to Buffalo in Cody.  From Cody the sign said it was about 188 miles.  We later discoverd that about 40 miles of this road was up hill on fairly steep terrain and then another 40 miles down hill that included numerous warnings of “STEEP DOWN GRADE AHEAD–8%–TEST YOUR BRAKES”.  What made all of this so fun was the fact that Georgie was driving this road the whole way to Buffalo.  We made it there by about 7pm.  We ate a good dinner in downtown Buffalo and then drove a short distance to the Deer Park RV Campground.  Got there about 8:30pm and they greeted me with “Hi, Mr. Farmer, you made it”.

So now after an exhausting day, I’m pooped and want to go to bed.  So I’m not posting any pictures until tomorrow.  Enjoy dreaming about how cool those pictures will be.  Good night!

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