Sisters having fun.

So for the past few days the “sisters” have been out roaming the area looking and buying.  Thursday they went to an “ART IN THE PARK” show.  After some time they showed up with these new hats.  Interesting.

Georgie, Vicky and Nina.

Then today they put on their very own sister shirts and went to the FARM MUSEUM near Vicky’s house.  This was apparently a very large place because every place they went people commented on their shirts and wanted to take pictures.

Here are some pictures I took of them when they got home.

  A Normal Pose

    The Back of the Shirts

    The Goofy Sisters.

  The Calm Sisters.

If you can’t read the front of their shirts here is what it says.

Donna–I’m #1 Put Me In Charge

Georgie–I’m #2 Don’t Tell Me What To Do

Nina–I’m #3 I Feel Your Pain

Vicky–I’m #4 I Don’t Want To Grow Up.

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