Bike Ride today with Three Amazing Women

I had the good fortune today of riding with three outstanding women.  My friend, Tori, with whom I rode earlier this week, arranged to meet up with a friend of hers, Michelle, who had a cabin by the lake.  Michelle’s sister, Kathy, was also there and joined us on the ride.

Tori, Kathy and Michelle

We left Michelle’s house a little after 10am and biked for nearly two hours.  The roads were good.  There were some hills but they were managable.  The downhills were even better.

We covered 26.5 miles in just under two hours.  It wasn’t easy keeping up with these three women.  They were all very fit.  But before we finished the ride the girls wanted to stop of ice cream.  I’m glad they did cause I needed the break and the ice cream.

Following the bike ride we met back at Michelle’s cabin.  Tori and I had gotten some food at the store and we ate it promptly.  Tori’s husband, Clinton, and her son, Victor, were there when we arrived and Clint had brought his boat to the dock near Michelle’s cabin.  After lunch we all went down to the dock and boarded the boat.  Clint powered it up while Vic let loose the lines.  Soon we were off headed for “I don’t know where”.  Clint was moving pretty fast causing a nice wake behind the boat.

Soon we met up with Michelle and her family out on the lake.  We pulled up next to their boat and exchanged conversation about various things.  Then it started to rain.  We decided to head for another part of the lake but it was just as rainey there.  So we decided to return to the dock  and call it a day.

Once back on land I asked Tori if she could take me back to Vicky’s.  She said that Vic would do it so she could stay and help Clint with the boat.  I drove her car back to Vicky’s and Vic drove it from there back to the lake cabin.

It was really a good day with nice people, a good ride, an adventure in the boat and a good talk with Vic on the way back.  Good day!


            Tori, Clinton and VictorMichelle and her family.

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