A Walk on the Boardwalk, Lake Coeur d’Alene

So once again we planned to meet up with Mavis and Ed for lunch–6 years after the planted bra affair.  Remembering the bra prank they pulled on me, I borrowed an old bra from my sister-in-law, Vicky, and wrapped it up very nicely in a decorative paper bag with tissue paper.  I also included a rock, which represented the one they put on the first bra gag.

Mavis was naturally excited to open the gift up until she realized it was a bra.  That will teach her.  Anyway we had a very nice lunch at a restaurant by the lake side.  And afterward, Ed lead us to the boardwalk which was centered in the harbor area among the many boats.

We walked for quite awhile.  We came to a canopy covered structure and the girls decided to pose for a family picture.  Then, of course, Georgie tried to rearrange them in a proper manner, followed by them stretching their arms out and holding each other’s hand.

A little further down the boardwalk, Nina found a large chair.  Obviously she got right into it.  Fit perfectly.  Then the other girls had to pose for the picture as well.  Donna had a little trouble getting her  leg up on the chair.

We ended the day with a tasty beverage at one of the harbor’s restaurants that overlooked the boats and the lake.  It was a good day in a beautiful place.








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