The Planted Bra

Yesterday we went to Coeur d’Alene, ID.  We were there to meet up with Mavis and Ed, more relatives of the family.  Our first meeting with them occured some place in Idaho when I was doing my cross-country bike ride in 2013.  We had lunch with them and Mavis questioned Georgie alot about our route after lunch.  As it turned out, their plan was to a plant bra along this route, knowing that this was part of the weird thing that had been happening to me–finding bras on the bike ride.  Don’t ask.  I can’t explain.

Anyway, after our lunch at that time, I started to ride and about 3-4 miles out of town I saw what appeared to be a bra at the side of the road, with a rock on top of it.  I told myself, “don’t stop, you have already found 5 bras, what’s one more?”.  So I biked on by.  A few minutes later I got a call from Jenny, who was biking with me, and she said “Dad, you need to come back here.”  And I said “Why?”.  She said “There is something you need to see”.  So reluctantly I returned to where she  and Georgie were parked with the RV.  As I approached, Jenny held up yet another bra with a note.  The note was from Mavis and Ed.  It read “Here Mike is another bra, this will make 6.  Good luck.”

So now my friends are planting bras along my bike route.  Lord help us.

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