Fun with the brother-in-law

So we were leaving the airport after getting our rental car.  Georgie was following me in the RV.  At the exit, there were two small guard shacks unattended at the time.  Georgie misjudged and hit the roof overhang of one of the shacks.  This resulted in a bent awning arm and it meant we could not roll out the slideout so that we can roll our bed out to full length.   So for several days I slept at the edge of the bed with my nose a few inches from the table leg.  I also had to perform some gymnastics just to get out of bed.

Anyway, may very talented brother-in-law, Steve, decided that he wanted to try removing the canopy from the side of the RV so that we could fully roll out the slide out.  After working on it for about a half hour, with me standing patiently by in a very quiet manner, the roll out system for the awning came off.  We were now able to roll the bed out to full measure.  Thank you, Steve.

In celebration, I decided to wash the RV windows.  Well, actually, I was told to.  Yeah!


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