May 26th and 27th–After the Party

Finally we had the Graduation Party at the Ritzville High School gym.  A lot of graduated classes were represented including the classes from ’49, ’59, ’69 and ’79 .  In addition, the current graduating class of 2019 was recognized by name.  Dinner was then served and a lot of hand shakes and hugs were delivered.

When we got ready to leave, the girls wanted a picture in front of the school mascot sign–the Broncos.  After a few shots (Photos 1 and 2), we called it a night and headed home.  All in all a delightful evening.

May 27th

Sunday morning after church we went downtown where they were having an antique car show and a local band playing music.

See the photos below(Photos 3 and 4).  We had lunch at the PASTIME restaurant which, given the antique cars parked on the streets, it was the most appropriate place to eat.

It was then decided that we should make a last visit to the girls’ parents at the cemetery.  When we arrived at the cemetery, it was adorned with American flags posted all around the cemetery in recognition of Memorial Day (Photo 5).  The girls then surround their parents marker and knelt in respect to say goodbye (Photo 6).

One last stop was made at the overhanging sign on the road that lead into town.  It simply said “Welcome Bronco Alumni”.  The girls stood underneath the sign and made various formations showing their gratitude for all the years of wonderful education that they had received (Photos 7 and 8).

We headed home just in time to see the beautiful sunset that signaled the close of the weekend’s events.  We’ll surely be back another year for graduation celebration (Photo 9).

See all photos on next blog.

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