May 25–The Start of the Alumni Celebration


Today is the day many of the events start for the Alumni celebration for Ritzville High School graduates.  There are separate parties for each group of attendees representing a specific graduation year.  In Georgie’s case it is the 60th year reunion.  Later this evening there will be a banquet dinner for all returning graduates.

But we started the morning off by having coffee with my sister and brother-in-law who are camping in their RV right next door to us.  We decided to meet at their place at 7am for Espresso.

First though I had my cup of coffee in our RV.  We then went to see Vicki and Steve.  Steve prepared a very delicious espresso for us.  We then visited with them for about 2 hours, telling lots of stories about the family, school and living in Ritzville.  My sister-in-law, Vicki, was very expressive in her story telling.  Vicki had always been somewhat shy in talking mainly because she was the 4th child.  But I was pleased to see her open up and truly get excited about things.  It was a pleasant time for all of us.

We then headed back to our RV to get ready for the day’s events.  The next thing on the schedule was lunch.  Finally we had the left-overs from the other night which resulted in making some room in our crowded refrigerator.

At about 2pm we drove a short distance to the local park where “Art in the Park” was under way.  There were about 10 tents set up with some uniques artwork.  After walking around for awhile, I passed this tent with unique iron works.  These were words made into iron signs.  There was one in particular that caught my eye.  It said:



So I bought it and took it over to Vicky and Georgie who were standing nearby.  They immediately thought is was a perfect fit for the sister group meeting.  I took a few pictures of course and it really looked cool.

After that  we headed for the group gatherings at the hotel.  At Georgie’s meeting there were about 50 people including some spouses.  There was a lot of hugging and greeting and a LOT OF CHATTER.  People kept moving around the room to talk to someone else that they recognized.  Georgie introduced me to some of her friends and then I sat down at a table with one of her classmates.  It was difficult to be in such a large group of people and not know anyone.  Eventually I went out in the lobby and sat with my nephew and his wife and my other sister-in-law.

About two hours later we left and headed back to the RV.  We had about two hours to wait before the official dinner party was to start. I’ll write about that tomorrow if I get a good nights sleep.

See pictures above.  Vicky and Georgie with Sister sign.  Georgie with some classmates.



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