May 24–Continuing with my relaxing day.

Hopefully this will make it easier to remember the town we are currently in.  The name of the town is RITZVILLE.  Georgie and her sisters grew up in this town and went to high school here a few dozen years ago.  And that is why we are here today,  to celebrate with other graduates and reconnect with her past friends and her sisters.

So after my bike ride yesterday, we had lunch with some of her family at one of the local eateries.  After that Georgie and I decided to drive out to the local cemetery to see her parents graves.  We looked around the cemetery for some time since we didn’t exactly know where their plots were.  Georgie finally called her sister Nina who gave us the correct direction to the plots.

Georgie’s parents were amazing people.  They were both deaf and yet they very successfully raised 5 children while managing a wheat farm.  After spending some time in the cemetery, we drove the 7 miles out of town to see where the family farm had been.  Many of the homes and farms that I remember being there had been leveled and had become producing wheat fields.  The family farm was now a producing wheat field.

Later in the day we again joined the family for dinner at another local restaurant.  This time it was Mexican food.  Cool.  We easily spent two hours talking family stuff and telling many many stories.  Finally our plates were cleared and the bills paid, so we headed for the door.  And as families are like to do, the “goodbye” lasted almost a half hour.

It was a good day.  Hope we continue to enjoy more time with this beautiful family.




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