May 24th–A Relaxing Day–In Theory

Yes, the day started with not much on the calendar.  About 8:30am I decided I needed to get in a bike ride before things got busy.  I released my bike from the carrier, got dressed in warm bike clothes, found a route to ride and said goodbye to Georgie.  I also asked her to stay close to the phone in case I needed help.  I was somewhat concerned that I might get rained out as the sky was not looking good.  So off I went about 10am.  Headed out of town on a road that lead to no where.  (See Photo 2).  It felt good to be on the bike.  I was moving quite well given the fact that I had not exercised in a week and a half.

The road I was on (Route 10) lead out of Ritzville into the country to an area void of housed or businesses.  It was very relaxing.   In addition, unlike North Carolina, there were no hills on this road, only a few inclines that were easy to handle.

After riding for about 7.5 miles and stopped for a break.  When I looked at the street sign where I had stopped, I was somewhat amazed.  The street name was “Rehn Rd.”   Victor Rehn was Georgie’s dad.  Imagine my suprise. (See Photo 3).  Anyway I decided this was a good turnaround point as I had ridden 7.5 miles and it was starting to drizzle more than when I had started.  In addition, I knew going back the wind would be coming straight at me.


As I got closer to town, the wind got stronger and the drizzle picked up as well.  Another 1 1/2 miles and I was back at the RV park.

Nice way to start the day.  (To be continued)

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  1. Diana says:

    Sorry Mike, Rehn and Danekas Rd at that point is only about 4-4.5 miles out of town, you must have wandered a bit in town to make the extra 3 miles. LOL

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