The Duatholon and the Hit

After several months of recovery due to my fall off the horse in Iceland, I finally tried to compete in a duathalon with my friend, Larry.  Larry is the runner and I’m the biker.  Larry is 80 and I’m 76.  We always win our age group mainly because there is no one even close to our age in this competition.  So after Larry ran the first 2km, I started my bike ride.  It would be a 14 mile ride on a rather hilly road surrounding an airport in Gantt, South Carolina.  I managed to do the ride in just under an hour.  Larry then finished up with another 2km of running.

After the race we headed home but decided to stop along the way to get a cup of coffee.  We parked in a lot in Travelers Rest and started walking to the main road.  I stopped suddenly and realized I needed to see if I had locked my car.  Just then a car hit me in the back of my legs and it threw me to the ground.  Having never been hit by a car I wasn’t sure what to think.  I laid on the ground and tried to move.  It was difficult at first but soon I managed to make some movement.  The woman driver was in a panic.  She wanted to call for an ambulance immediately and get me to the hospital.  I told her that I thought I was okay, but she insisted.  I finally talked her out of it after three guys lifted me up and got me on my feet.  I walked a bit and declared I was okay.  The woman was still very upset so I gave her a little hug and told her I would be fine.

We got our coffee and headed home.  Spent the day in bed with an ice pack on my knee.  Today the leg feels better but still had some pain.  I think all of that biking has made my legs strong enough to withstand the bumper of a car.

Ride on.


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