Starting to Rebuild

Well, 2016 was a difficult year with two operations.  In June 2016, I had my hip replaced after suffering severe leg and back pain for about 3 months.  Shortly after that operation, my leg was still hurting.  My doctor got me an MRI and discovered a golf ball size cyst on my spine that was pressing on the nerve that went down to my leg.  I had it removed in September 2016 but continued to have leg pain.  Apparently nerve damage can take up to a year to totally recover.  So I spent much of 2016 on my back or moving around very slowly.  And the doctor said “Don’t lift over 10lbs.”  Good luck with that.  We moved into a new house December 16, 2016, and guess what, we had like about 1000 boxes that had to be moved and unloaded.  Needless to say, I did not get on my bike once during 2016.


It felt good and I felt good after doing it.  So I’m back and the REBUILDING is starting.  My friend, Larry Rostetter, was the one who suggested I get out with him for a ride.  He has also asked me to do a “duathlon” with him in March.  This would involve me riding a 14 mile course around an airport in South Carolina.  Larry would do the running.  At this point it may be possible.  We’ll know in two weeks if I have REBUILT enough.

We have also signed up for a ride in Spain in September that will follow the Camino from Leon to Santiago.  It should be an interesting trip.  And then in 2018 I plan on doing another cross-country bike ride to celebrate my 75th b-day.

So that’s it.  I will probably be posting more often now that I’m able to get back on the bike.  Hope you follow my adventure.

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5 Responses to Starting to Rebuild

  1. Sister Mary Linda says:

    GO, MIKE. Nicely written article.

  2. Gayle Michael says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you have been sidelined for so long. But you are on your way to recovery. Your plan to bike the Camino in Spain will be wonderful. Brooks and I walked the entire Camino Frances in May 2014, then we walked The Via Francigena in Italy in May 2015, and I am returning to Spain this May to Walk from Leon to Oviedo on the San Salvador and then from Oviedo to Lugo on The Primitivo. Asheville has a very active American Pilgrims on the Camino chapter that meets at Green Sage Restaurant in Westgate Shopping Plaza every Tuesday morning at 9:00 am and a once a month meeting on the first Monday evening at 7:00 pm at REI. If you need any Camino information, please feel free to drop by either gathering. Although most of the Caminophiles I know have been walkers, bikers abound on the trail in Spain and we would be glad to share our experiences about our travels.
    Best of luck in you as you rebuild. Would be great to see you. And hello to Georgie!
    Gayle Michael, Heidi the Guide Dog’s previous puppy trainer

  3. Mavis Tulloch says:

    Congratulations on your first 10 miles back in the saddle. Good luck with your rebuilding program.
    Ed and Mavis

  4. Dan Schindler says:

    Outstanding Mike.
    Best to you both.
    Dan & Cheryl

  5. Julie Westerlund says:

    Glad to hear you are back in the saddle! Good luck with the rebuild and keep the updates coming… it’s great to hear from you. Love to Georgie and the pooches.

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