Day 5–Little Orleans to Cumberland (Continued)

Once the flat tire was fixed and we got back on the trail headed to Cumberland, the appearance of the Canal began to change somewhat.  In this particular area there were many lillypads.  Made it all look very interesting.

Before reaching Cumberland, we stopped in a little town named Old Town.  We stopped there for lunch and followed the “food” signs to the old elementary school.  They had converted part of the building into a restaurant.  On the walls were class pictures going back to 1936 and forward to the 1980’s.  Very nostalgic.  Food was good too.

Given that they had converted this part of the school to a restaurant, I was interested in seeing what the rest of the school looked like.  And just down the hall I found this—a collection of antique cars.


Who would have thought?  Right here in the heart of Old Town.

Back on the trail the landscape along the trail started to change again.  There was more farm land than we had seen thus far.

And in one of these fields I saw a flag so I decided to investigate.  It turned out to be a small family cemetery for a soldier who apparently served in the CSA–the Confederate Army–during the Civil War.  An impressive tribute to a good man.

Soon we began to see the skyline of Cumberland, Md., the end of the C&O Canal trail and the start of the GAP (the Great Allegheny Passage).



After checking into our hotel, we headed to downtown Cumberland.

The restaurant we ate at had good food and the downtown area was interesting.  There might have even been a stop at the local Ice Cream Parlor for a biker’s pep-me-up.


It wasn’t that we all needed ice  cream, it was more of a tradition that guests in the city do this.  So we did it.  YUMMMMM!

And that was Day 5.  Tomorrow we start our trek up the GAP to Pittsburgh.  Come along for the ride and the traditional YUMMMM!


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  1. Balt Baca says:

    Another great post. Cumberland looks like a fun destination. What hotel did you stay at because I’d like to stay there later on this week. Still sending good vibers and good wishes.

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