Quincy Report: I lost my friend today.

My good puppy friend, Rio, left us today.  She had not been doing well and my humans decided it was best if she was given a chance for a happier life.  Rio was living with my humans when I arrived here.  She was much older than me and didn’t like to play that much but she was nice to me just the same.  I’ve never had a dog friend die and it was a sad time when Levi and I said goodbye to her.  Here we are with Rio.  Even at this point I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I just know that my humans were acting sad and Rio was very quiet.

DSC02121    DSC02122

I kept wondering why my humans were so sad.  I don’t even know how to be sad cause I’m always happy living here with Rio and Levi and my humans.  But my mom was really upset and spent a lot of time just hugging Rio.

DSC02128     DSC02130

Then they all got in the car without me and Levi.  I thought they were going for a walk.  But when they came back, Rio was not with them.  My mom told me that Rio had moved on to a happier place.  Then I got sad.

Rio was a good dog and now she is gone.  I wonder if my sad feelings now are what humans experience when they have one of their friends leave for a better place.  I wish I had been a better friend to Rio.  I miss her now.  I should have shared my favorite chew toy with her more.  I should have let her have the softer dog bed to lay on.  I should have shared my puppy treats with her instead of eating them all myself.  There’s a lot I would do for her if I had only known.

Humans must feel the same thing that I’m feeling when one of their friends leaves.  But I still have happy memories of Rio and I will remember her as strong and friendly and beautiful.  Goodbye Rio.  I love you.


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