So, Quincy, what’s up????

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted but the demands on my time are just incredible.  I’m barely getting enough nap time.  Anyway, after my trip to the hospital to present a check from one of our donors, I had a photo shoot with Ms. Nancy Eskew, who donated a super painting of the Kenmure Country Club.  Here is the original with Ms Nancy and here I am trying to recreat the picture on the ground.  Unfortunately I went to the wrong hole.  Oh well, I really like her picture better.  And if you like it you can buy a raffle ticket for the 10 Treasures for Kenmure Fights Cancer and you might win it!  By the way, I am not one of the 10 Treasures.  But I do look a lot like Bubba Watson out on the course.


After this photo shoot, I decided to go down to the Kenmure gate and check out how the azaleas that were growing.  As many of you know, Kenmure Fights Cancer was originally organized to honor Ms. Joanne Jones, a long time resident of Kenmure who lost her fight with cancer.  I was not around at that time, but I hear that she was a very special and couragous lady.  And because of that, her dear friends planted a lot of azaleas near the Kenmure entrance to remind all of us of the people who have experienced cancer and those that we lost in that fight.  And especially, to remind us that Joanne still lives in our hearts and in our spirit of giving to Kenmure Fights Cancer.

Wow, I bet a lot of you didn’t know dogs think like this.  Hey, I like all my humans.  They are fun to smell.  And speaking of smelling, these flowers really smell good.

DSC01926  DSC01937

DSC01924   DSC01933

Geez, I really like standing here and just looking awesome in my KFC jacket and the beautiful flowers all around me.  I hope Ms. Joanne is finding all the beauty she wants in her new home.

So then I decided to wander over to the 13th fairway and check out the competition.  As you know I am a near par golfer.  I have a great set of wooden shafts so if the game is not going well I always have something to chew on.  I saw these two couples teeing off and did a little analysis of their swing.  I think I can take ’em!  We’ll see on May 28 for the big KFC tournament.  I’ll be ready.  Will you?

DSC01945           DSC01950

Did you see that short back swing?  Looks just like my dad.  I wanted to see how they played in the fairway and they were really smacking the ball.  I think I could probably hit it as far as both of those guys.


So after this exhausting morning of photo ops, I decided to get into my golf cart and head back home.  You might think that a dog can’t really drive a golf cart.  Hey, take a look at this picture.  Am I driving or what??  Oh, and by the way, I intend to park in front of this sign when I win the Kenmure Golf Championship this year.  Just saying………

DSC01956     DSC01967

At home I had another photo shoot.  John and Eavelyn Brooks contributed a lovely bottle of wine to the 10 Treasures for KFC. The wine is a 1982 ChateauPalmer, Margaux.  I’m pretty familar with wine even though I only get to drink it if someone leaves a glass of it on the coffee table or a little bit gets spilled on the floor.  But I do check out wines to see if I would like them……. if I could drink them.  This one has a 93 point rating and is described as  “full, deep red, with spicy aroma of cassis and rose petal with a long finish.”  Delicious!  I think!

And as if my day was not already filled with KFC stuff, I had to go to the Auto Bell Car Wash to pick up some tickets.  KFC is selling Car Wash tickets for $16.00.  It gets you a fancy car wash and half of the money paid for the ticket goes to KFC.  This is really a good deal for KFC.  I don’t have a car so I can’t really use a ticket.  But every human I know has a car and those with pets usually have lots of hair on their seats.  I think you should buy some of these tickets and make your car look good.  We don’t want people to see dirty cars turning into Kenmure.  Here are a few shots of me at Auto Bell and my dad’s car going through the wash.

DSC01970  DSC01971




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