Quincy–A busy “Ambassadoring” day

After a bit of a lull in my duties, I really got with it today.  The first things we did was to drive (my mom drove) to Pardee Hospital to meet my dad and to give a check to the nice people at the Pardee Foundation.  When we drove in I was surprised to see that I had my own designated parking place.  Boy they sure know how to treat a guy of my status.


Then we met with this nice lady, Karen Yagerhofer.  She works for the Pardee Foundation and she accepted the donation that was made to the Kenmure Fights Cancer program by a friend of mine in Kenmure   As you know Pardee and Park Ridge hospitals are both our target beneficiaries.


I met another lady as well, from the hospital.  She had on nice black pants so I didn’t want to get too close to her.  I tend to leave my mark on black pants.

After Pardee, my dad took me home.  I told him that I wanted to check out the Kenmure Golf Course for the KFC Tournament on May 28th and maybe hit a few balls.  Here I am checking out the work of the grounds keepers.  Looks like they have cut the grass just right and packed down the tee boxes so I’m not slipping and sliding when I swing.


I also talked to the guy setting up the sand traps.  He was cool and said he would have them groomed perfectly for the Tournament.  I like sniffing the sand.  I think I could put it to better use then hitting golf balls into it.


Next I checked out the fairways.  I think I could reach this with a three wood.


Then I checked out the greens to make sure they were cut close and that the balls would run true.  This one looks like it runs a little up hill and breaks to the right.  Piece of cake.


I even asked one of the grounds keepers what these things were for.  He said “they  were to wash your balls”.  Give me a break.  A dirty golf ball is a good golf ball.  You ever see a dog play with a clean tennis ball?  No way!


By this time I was totally exhausted.  So I laid down on one of the tee boxes.  It sort of reminded me of waiting for a slow foursome to get through playing in front of me.  “Hey, mind if we play through?”


Well, that was my day.  Pretty cool, huh?  Gave some money to the hospital and did a thorough evaluation of the golf course.  I would say things are shaping up pretty good for the big events in the KFC fund raiser this year. If you want to find out more, take a look at the KCC website at:


You’ll find all the dates and events that we are going to have this year.  I plan on attending all of them.  Hope to see you there.  Don’t wear black though cause I might shed all over you.


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One Response to Quincy–A busy “Ambassadoring” day

  1. Susan Kasper says:

    Dear Quincy,
    I love reading about your adventures, and appreciate the work you do for Kenmure Fights Cancer. Your view of the activities the group arranges are quite entertaining, and it doesn’t hurt that you are a very handsome fellow.
    Keep up the good work, and tell your human parents that their efforts (vest-making, driving, bringing you to events) is appreciated.

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