Ambassador Quincy Report–March 31

Man, I am really tired today.  Too much ambassadoring.  Today I had to try on my outfit for when I help my mom sell mulligans to the golfers at the big KFC Golf Tournament May 28th.  Actually, I think I look pretty sporty in this outfitl.  I will actually be selling Quilligans for $5 each.  This will entitle the donor to a picture with me and a goodie bag for the golfer.  Who could resist having a picture with an Ambassador for pete sakes?


My dad explained that I was wearing a hat that looked like a golf green with a flag in it.  And I have a tie around my neck with a golf ball attached.  Seems kind of silly but I have to get with the program.  As I understand it, human golfers are pretty wacky so I really won’t look out of place.

Speaking of out of place, last night the wind was blowing pretty good up here.  My humans were “out on the town” with some folks and they left me, Levi and Rio under the supervision of their son, Rob.  No big shakes there.  He was glued to the tv watching basketball so we could pretty much do anything we wanted to.  Well with the wind blowing so hard it actually blew open the utility room door that led to the outside.  Normally we use this door to go take a “busy”, that would be a pee or a poop for you non-puppy raisers.  Anyway, Levi told me we should make a break for it and go out and have some fun.  So I followed him.  Usually when we do a break-out we head up the mountain behind our house.  But this time Levi had something else in mind.

We ran and walked quite a ways.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but Levi seemed to know where he was going so I just followed.  After about a half of a mile we ended up at Hunter’s house.  I know Hunter but I wasn’t real sure where he lived.  Anyway, there we were in his driveway!  Also in his driveway was our humans automobile.  They had apparently driven it down to Hunter’s house and gone out to dinner with his folks.

We barked for awhile but Hunter never came out.  Pretty soon a car pulled into the drive and who should get out but our humans.  Boy was I happy to see them but they didn’t look happy to see us this far from home.  But we know how to handle a situation like this.  We wagged our tails like crazy to show them how happy we were to see them.  What human can resist a couple of cute dogs wagging their tails like they had just found their long-last friend?

My dad put us into his car and soon we were headed back home.  My folks couldn’t figure out how we had gotten out.  Then when we got home they saw that the utility room door was  open and that their son, Rob, didn’t even know Levi and me were gone.  So Rob caught a bunch of grief for not keeping an eye on us.  Of course, he was all into the basketball game and a plane could have hit the side of the house and he wouldn’t have known.  Anyway we were off the hook for our runaway.  Phew!!

So speaking of Hunter, his humans have the biggest display of trash on pick-up day of anybody in Kenmure.  We always comment on our way down the hill, “how can just two people and one dog have so much trash?”  My dad always gives Hunter’s dad a bad time about it.  Well, today Hunter’s dad actually called my dad and told him to check out the trash he had today cause it was a big one.  So my dad took his camera and first took a picture of our trash and went down and took a picture of Hunter’s trash.  No doubt these people have something going in that house that the rest of us don’t understand.

Quincy March 31 002      Quincy March 31 005

There was some speculation that Hunter was running a “black-market” puppy cookie ring but it turned out that he wasn’t sharing his cookies with anyone.  I sure wouldn’t.

So all of this activity has exhausted me.  Here I am asleep while my humans were eating and doing dishes.  Who would of thought that Ambassadoring could be so exhausting.  Talk to all of you next week.

Quincy March 31 010


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