LPC Triathlon–Oct 2012

In October we entered a relay team in the LPC Triathlon in Fletcher.  Our swimmer was my daughter-in-law, Micah.  I rode the bike.  And my friend Larry was our 5k runner.  It was a mini-tri, of course.  Anyway, when the race started, Micah, a very accomplished swimmer, got us off to a good start.  I was waiting for her in the transition area as she exited the pool and ran up the hill.  I told Larry that I was familiar with the bike course and would probably take an hour and 10 minutes to complete it.  Well, the adrenaline must have really been pumping that day as I completed the rather hilly course in just under an hour.  Feeling pretty good as I entered the transition area, I thought we might have a good chance to finish high in the relay team competition.  But as I dismounted and headed for our spot, I didn’t see Larry anywhere in sight.  I started yelling for him and when the crowd realized what was happening they started to laugh.  “This poor guy has no runner”.  After about 5 minutes Larry came running up the hill.  He had assumed I would finish later and was not in the transition area in anticipation of my arrival.  He did finish the 5k and we had a respectable time overall.  Larry was apologetic but I told him this made a much better story to tell on him then if everything had gone right.minitri1 team

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