Bike Hungary

In 2009 we joined a BRAG group on a bike tour of Hungary.   We were treated to  some views of the beautiful country side around Lake Blaton.




The tour mainly focused on exploring the little known wineries of Hungary.  As it turns out, some very acceptable wines are produced here.  I believe that only a small portion are exported to the US so they are not as well known as west European wines.DSC06267

The daily rides were fun as we would generally end up at a winery around noon.  The owners would give us a tour and then provided us a delicious lunch with some tasty beverages.  Of course, staying on a straight course after lunch was key.


Hungary is a beautiful country and the people are really nice.  There is some interesting architecture in both the country side and in Budpest.  Below is an old church that we visited on our first day out.  In Budapest we did a river cruise and passed by the elegant parliament building.


Everyone on this trip thought it was great and a lot of fun.  Our guides, a young man and his girl friend, announced their marriage about a year later.  The whole adventure was well worth it.



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