Where have I been

Business and Fun Travel

All 50 States, Canada, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South East Asia, Asia (including Japan, Nepal, Bhutan), South America (including Chile, Peru, Argentia, Brazil) Anarctica, Turkey, and Cuba.

Mountain Adventures

Treks in Nepal up to 18,000 ft. (Annapurna), Bhutan, Peru, Chile

Climbs of Mt. Rainer in Washington State, Gannett Mt.  in Wyoming and the Tetons.

Bike trips

New Zealand’s South Island, Viet Nam, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Western Europe (France, Portugal, Czech Republic), Eastern Europe (Hungary), Turkey.  Cuba.

Biked across the USA from Astoria, Oregon, to Virginia on the East coast.  4275 miles in 73 days.

Biked the length of the Florida east coast from the northern border to the Keys to celebrate my 65 birthday.  Covered about 660 miles in 11 days.

Golf adventures

Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida.


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