Day 66 (July 25, 2013)–People we met on the way to Gackle.

Today we are headed for Gackle, ND.  And YIPPEE, we get to ride on Highway 46 all the way.  As you recall I got onto Highway 46 at Kindred and rode it all the way to our camp site at Kathryn which was right next to the Sheyenne River.  Here is our camp site.  We were the only ones there except for some tenters.

Day 66 Gackle 001


The ride started out up hill, which is not good for early morning legs.  After a mile I got up onto the flats and once again into the wind.  I was about 24 miles into the ride when I saw two cyclists coming from the west.  As they approached I pulled over to their side of the road.  Bob and Ray were brothers who had decided to do the cross country trip together.  Like me they had a support vehicle track them.  These were the Baker boys.  I think Bob was from eastern North Caroline and Ray was from Colorado.  As we talked, their support vehicle passed and a few minutes later Georgie came by in the RV.  We talked with them for a while about what was ahead.  They also said there was another couple who had been right behind them for several days.  I gave them my card and took their picture.  Then they took off with the wind at their backs and I headed into the wind again.

Day 66 Gackle 008


  Day 66 Gackle 009

About three miles further down the road I saw that Georgie had pulled the RV over to the side of the road and it appeared that she was talking to two cyclists.  I caught up with them in a few minutes and we all gathered to talk.  Lori and Jerry, who lived in Virginia Beach, were avid cyclists and liked to travel internationally by bike as well.  We talked for a while and then Jerry asked me how old I was.  I told him I was 70.  He said he was 72 but then he correctied that to be 70 also.  Imagine that.  Finding another 70 year old guy doing this crazy cross country adventure.  His wife, Lori was talking to Georgie and I decided it was time to take pictures.  Here are Georgie, Lori and Jerry.  And then Lori wanted a picture of the two 70 year olds flexing their muscles.  So we did.

Day 66 Gackle 010

Day 66 Gackle 011


Not bad for a couple of old geezers.  And we both had very lovely wives as well.  Jerry and Lori took off with the wind at their backs and I rode into the wind.  What’s wrong with this picture? Again.

The last two folks we met today were at the camp ground working on a mobile office unit for some surveyors who were arriving the next day.  Alex and Ryan had their work cut out for them as a lot of things just weren’t working in this older unit.  Just before they got ready to leave we talked for a few minutes.  Ryan apologized for petting Quincy.  He said he didn’t know he was a guide dog in training and he thought he wasn’t suppose to pet him.  We cleared it up that since Quincy didn’t have his working jacket on it was ok to pet him.  These two guys were very nice and asked a lot of questions about our trip.  I asked them when the wind was going to stop.  They said “who knows, it might even snow tomorrow.”  I immediately curled up with my blankee.  No wait, thats not what I did.  I said, “Come on guys, give me more reassurance that it won’t be windy tomorrow.”  They said “Ok, it won’t be windy tomorrow.”  Great now I can sleep in comfort.

Day 66 Gackle 036

 Day 66 Gackle 038

And those were the people we met today.  Pretty amazing that I crossed paths with another 70 year old guy and a total of 4 riders.

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  1. Barbara Wilde says:

    Haven’t you heard…70 is the new 50. Ciao

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