Quincy Report: I lost my friend today.

My good puppy friend, Rio, left us today.  She had not been doing well and my humans decided it was best if she was given a chance for a happier life.  Rio was living with my humans when I arrived here.  She was much older than me and didn’t like to play that much but she was nice to me just the same.  I’ve never had a dog friend die and it was a sad time when Levi and I said goodbye to her.  Here we are with Rio.  Even at this point I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I just know that my humans were acting sad and Rio was very quiet.

DSC02121    DSC02122

I kept wondering why my humans were so sad.  I don’t even know how to be sad cause I’m always happy living here with Rio and Levi and my humans.  But my mom was really upset and spent a lot of time just hugging Rio.

DSC02128     DSC02130

Then they all got in the car without me and Levi.  I thought they were going for a walk.  But when they came back, Rio was not with them.  My mom told me that Rio had moved on to a happier place.  Then I got sad.

Rio was a good dog and now she is gone.  I wonder if my sad feelings now are what humans experience when they have one of their friends leave for a better place.  I wish I had been a better friend to Rio.  I miss her now.  I should have shared my favorite chew toy with her more.  I should have let her have the softer dog bed to lay on.  I should have shared my puppy treats with her instead of eating them all myself.  There’s a lot I would do for her if I had only known.

Humans must feel the same thing that I’m feeling when one of their friends leaves.  But I still have happy memories of Rio and I will remember her as strong and friendly and beautiful.  Goodbye Rio.  I love you.


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Meetings, Photo Ops, Busy, Busy, Busy.

Quincy here.  Man, this Ambassador thing is hard work.  Everybody wants a photo op with me.  Plus I’m going to meetings all the time as well.  It’s a tough life but the cause is worth it.  At this weeks Kenmure Fights Cancer (KFC) committee meeting, I had a photo op with Steve, the Kenmure Club manager.  He is holding the annual KFC Golf Tournament Champion.  It’s too bad that I’m going to be doing “Quilligans” that day or I’d get in the tournament and there is no doubt I would take home the brass.


Most of the meeting was fun but when they stopped talking about things that involved me, I decided to take a short nap.


After the meeting my humans and I went down stairs to the Grill Room and checked out the KFC Honor Board.

Today I had to go to the golf course and do some photo ops with my friend, Chet Garrison.  Chet was practicing for the big KFC tournament on May 28.  If the rest of you arn’t practicing, you ain’t gonna win.  Here I am going to golf course and stopping to say hi to my buddies Mike and Bruce.  I like them cause they let me use the cart for free and they always love on me too.  They are a couple of good guys.

DSC02052     DSC02053

Then I went in to see Jamie, the pro shop guy.  He is always nice to me too.


We were both waiting for Chet to come so that he could sign up for the KFC Tournament.  Yes, you can sign up for it in the Pro Shop.  Pretty soon Chet showed up and I showed him how to fill out the form and where to put his paw print.


Then we went outside to the 1st tee box so I could check out his swing and give him a few pointers.


First thing I told him was hit the ball in the direction I’m point, with my nose, of course.


Next, grip the club firmly, look down the fairway to judge the direction and make sure the pretty white dog is out of your way.


The last and most important thing I told him was “Put a golf ball on a tee, otherwise you are just swing at the air”.  Wow, I now understand why my dad beat Chet in the Senior tour a few years ago.

DSC02054   DSC02056

Then I waited while Chet and his foursome teed off on the last hole.  It’s cool watching the ball fly through the air and land in all sorts of places other than the green.  When they all got to the green I instructed them on the slope to play so they could get birdies.  But did anyone listen to me?  Apparently not, cause they all got pars.  Oh well.




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So, Quincy, what’s up??

That was fun.  But you would think by now my job was over for the day.  But NOOOO!  I had another photo shoot at our house.  I had to give Ms. Karen Skelton all the Car Wash tickets so she could sell them to all of you.  She came over and I put on my jacket and purple collar.  We look like a very nice couple–her with her red hair and me with my purple jacket and white coat.  She showed me the tickets and explained how it all worked.


DSC01995  Wow!! What a deal this is!!!

DSC01993  If you don’t buy these tickets, some of my dog friends will make a visit to your front yard.  Seriously, you need to get your car washed and KFC needs donations.  This is a win/win situation for everyone.

Well, that’s it.  My day as a KFC Ambassador.  Whew!  I am exhausted.  I hope they just let me watch TV and go to bed early tonight.  Talk to you soon.

For a lot more cool information on the events of Kenmure Fights Cancer go to our website at:





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So, Quincy, what’s up????

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted but the demands on my time are just incredible.  I’m barely getting enough nap time.  Anyway, after my trip to the hospital to present a check from one of our donors, I had a photo shoot with Ms. Nancy Eskew, who donated a super painting of the Kenmure Country Club.  Here is the original with Ms Nancy and here I am trying to recreat the picture on the ground.  Unfortunately I went to the wrong hole.  Oh well, I really like her picture better.  And if you like it you can buy a raffle ticket for the 10 Treasures for Kenmure Fights Cancer and you might win it!  By the way, I am not one of the 10 Treasures.  But I do look a lot like Bubba Watson out on the course.


After this photo shoot, I decided to go down to the Kenmure gate and check out how the azaleas that were growing.  As many of you know, Kenmure Fights Cancer was originally organized to honor Ms. Joanne Jones, a long time resident of Kenmure who lost her fight with cancer.  I was not around at that time, but I hear that she was a very special and couragous lady.  And because of that, her dear friends planted a lot of azaleas near the Kenmure entrance to remind all of us of the people who have experienced cancer and those that we lost in that fight.  And especially, to remind us that Joanne still lives in our hearts and in our spirit of giving to Kenmure Fights Cancer.

Wow, I bet a lot of you didn’t know dogs think like this.  Hey, I like all my humans.  They are fun to smell.  And speaking of smelling, these flowers really smell good.

DSC01926  DSC01937

DSC01924   DSC01933

Geez, I really like standing here and just looking awesome in my KFC jacket and the beautiful flowers all around me.  I hope Ms. Joanne is finding all the beauty she wants in her new home.

So then I decided to wander over to the 13th fairway and check out the competition.  As you know I am a near par golfer.  I have a great set of wooden shafts so if the game is not going well I always have something to chew on.  I saw these two couples teeing off and did a little analysis of their swing.  I think I can take ’em!  We’ll see on May 28 for the big KFC tournament.  I’ll be ready.  Will you?

DSC01945           DSC01950

Did you see that short back swing?  Looks just like my dad.  I wanted to see how they played in the fairway and they were really smacking the ball.  I think I could probably hit it as far as both of those guys.


So after this exhausting morning of photo ops, I decided to get into my golf cart and head back home.  You might think that a dog can’t really drive a golf cart.  Hey, take a look at this picture.  Am I driving or what??  Oh, and by the way, I intend to park in front of this sign when I win the Kenmure Golf Championship this year.  Just saying………

DSC01956     DSC01967

At home I had another photo shoot.  John and Eavelyn Brooks contributed a lovely bottle of wine to the 10 Treasures for KFC. The wine is a 1982 ChateauPalmer, Margaux.  I’m pretty familar with wine even though I only get to drink it if someone leaves a glass of it on the coffee table or a little bit gets spilled on the floor.  But I do check out wines to see if I would like them……. if I could drink them.  This one has a 93 point rating and is described as  “full, deep red, with spicy aroma of cassis and rose petal with a long finish.”  Delicious!  I think!

And as if my day was not already filled with KFC stuff, I had to go to the Auto Bell Car Wash to pick up some tickets.  KFC is selling Car Wash tickets for $16.00.  It gets you a fancy car wash and half of the money paid for the ticket goes to KFC.  This is really a good deal for KFC.  I don’t have a car so I can’t really use a ticket.  But every human I know has a car and those with pets usually have lots of hair on their seats.  I think you should buy some of these tickets and make your car look good.  We don’t want people to see dirty cars turning into Kenmure.  Here are a few shots of me at Auto Bell and my dad’s car going through the wash.

DSC01970  DSC01971




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Quincy–A busy “Ambassadoring” day

After a bit of a lull in my duties, I really got with it today.  The first things we did was to drive (my mom drove) to Pardee Hospital to meet my dad and to give a check to the nice people at the Pardee Foundation.  When we drove in I was surprised to see that I had my own designated parking place.  Boy they sure know how to treat a guy of my status.


Then we met with this nice lady, Karen Yagerhofer.  She works for the Pardee Foundation and she accepted the donation that was made to the Kenmure Fights Cancer program by a friend of mine in Kenmure   As you know Pardee and Park Ridge hospitals are both our target beneficiaries.


I met another lady as well, from the hospital.  She had on nice black pants so I didn’t want to get too close to her.  I tend to leave my mark on black pants.

After Pardee, my dad took me home.  I told him that I wanted to check out the Kenmure Golf Course for the KFC Tournament on May 28th and maybe hit a few balls.  Here I am checking out the work of the grounds keepers.  Looks like they have cut the grass just right and packed down the tee boxes so I’m not slipping and sliding when I swing.


I also talked to the guy setting up the sand traps.  He was cool and said he would have them groomed perfectly for the Tournament.  I like sniffing the sand.  I think I could put it to better use then hitting golf balls into it.


Next I checked out the fairways.  I think I could reach this with a three wood.


Then I checked out the greens to make sure they were cut close and that the balls would run true.  This one looks like it runs a little up hill and breaks to the right.  Piece of cake.


I even asked one of the grounds keepers what these things were for.  He said “they  were to wash your balls”.  Give me a break.  A dirty golf ball is a good golf ball.  You ever see a dog play with a clean tennis ball?  No way!


By this time I was totally exhausted.  So I laid down on one of the tee boxes.  It sort of reminded me of waiting for a slow foursome to get through playing in front of me.  “Hey, mind if we play through?”


Well, that was my day.  Pretty cool, huh?  Gave some money to the hospital and did a thorough evaluation of the golf course.  I would say things are shaping up pretty good for the big events in the KFC fund raiser this year. If you want to find out more, take a look at the KCC website at:


You’ll find all the dates and events that we are going to have this year.  I plan on attending all of them.  Hope to see you there.  Don’t wear black though cause I might shed all over you.


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Happy Easter to All of You

So I thought I’d dress up a little for Easter and at the same time do a little shameless promotion of my Quilligans that I’m selling at the Kenmure Fights Cancer Golf Tournament on May 28th in Kenmure.  Here I am in my beautiful purple Ambassador jacket, my purple collar and some deer antlers that my dad put on me.  I told him it was Easter, not Christmas.  He said that these would have to do since he couldn’t find any bunny ears.  He also made this duck sit next to me.  That duck looked awful tasty but not as tasty as the candy and goodies in my easter basket.  Check me out and how disciplined I am in this picture.  Well, it wouldn’t look good for an Ambassador to chow down on the props before the picture was taken.  There is no question about it.

I am a RHAD.


Well, maybe just a little sniff.


Ooops! My mom is coming.  Better get my nose out of the basket.  Stand still duck.


And here I am with my bags of treats that each golfer will get when they buy a Quilligan from me.  They will also get a small bag of dog treats for their dog, if they have a dog.  No cat treats though.  We don’t roll that way.


And you ask, “What is a RHAD?”.  That’s easy.  It means:


Clearly the description is appropriate.

I hope you and your family gather on this beautiful Easter Day and enjoy each others friendship and candy baskets.  Our Lord rose up on this day so that we can have these moments to share with each other.  Stay healthy and happy.


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Quincy Report–My First KFC Committee Meeting

Well, I had no idea that my humans were out having fun all the time at these meetings.  You know, they leave the house with me in the kennel, and come back a couple of hours later.  But they never tell me what happens at the meetings.  Today I found out and boy was it some fun!


First of all, my mom took me to the Kenmure Country Club where I was greeted by a lot of people who wanted to pet me.  Then we went into a room full of more people who wanted to pet me.  Then somebody said “Okay, time to take the picture.”  Everybody went out into the lobby and climbed these big stairs.  They put me at the bottom of the stairs probably because I was a dog and the smallest one.  Here is the picture of me with the KFC Committee.  I also got a picture with some people that came from the two hospitals that KFC is supporting, Park Ridge and Pardee.

DSCN0151               DSCN0158

Seriously, as Castle says “I am ruggedly handsome”.  And that new jacket I’m wearing really brings out the color in my eyes.  My friends, Beckie and Patty with help from my mom, made this really cool jacket for me to wear to KFC events.

After the pictures, we all went into the meeting room for (you guessed it) the meeting.  There were lots of people but I got to sit up front with my mom.  See me there in the middle?

DSCN0161  DSCN0165

Anyway it was  long meeting and I kept trying to see where we were on the agenda.  I kinda had to pee.  Soon we went into the adjacent room (big word for a dog, huh?) and they showed us the table setting for the big Gala dinner.


It was pretty cool–all black and white.  It kinda reminded me of me and Levi–me being white and Levi being black, of course.  Then I talked to my friend Burt who is in charge of the golf tournament.  He was explaining to me what fun they were planning for all the golfers.  I was very interested in this as mom and me are selling “mulligans” and “quilligans” to the golfers.


Unfortunately, Burt didn’t have any doggie treats in his hand so I moved on.  I went over to see my buddy, Steve, who is the manager of the club.  Now here is a guy that can make a dog really happy.  You know, he could take me on a personal tour of the kitchen and let me sniff everything and perhaps find a scrap or two on the ground.  We’ll see.


So after a lot of discussions about raffles and door prizes and 10 Treasures, I was really tired.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  It sounds like these humans really know how to plan a party.  They are going to have so much fun and they will raise a lot of money for a very good cause.  As I mentioned before, I have had dog friends who have had cancer.

So pretty soon the meeting broke up and we all started to leave.  But dad wanted me to see the award we got from Park Ridge hospital for raising money for them and he wanted me to see the Joanne Jones Golf Trophy that goes to the winner of the golf tournament.  These are really nice.  Dogs rarely get neat things like this.



As we were leaving, dad wanted to take one more picture of me out in front of the club house.  This is probably one of my best poses.  Can’t you just picture a life-size bronze statue of me on this very spot.  Wow!


Well, that was it.  My first KFC meeting.  It was really fun and it sounds like everyone is going to have a great time.  I look forward to seeing all my Kenmure friends at the events and thanks in advance for donating to KFC.  Every donation will earn you a pat on my head and more if you really donate a lot!  See you soon.










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Ambassador Quincy Report–March 31

Man, I am really tired today.  Too much ambassadoring.  Today I had to try on my outfit for when I help my mom sell mulligans to the golfers at the big KFC Golf Tournament May 28th.  Actually, I think I look pretty sporty in this outfitl.  I will actually be selling Quilligans for $5 each.  This will entitle the donor to a picture with me and a goodie bag for the golfer.  Who could resist having a picture with an Ambassador for pete sakes?


My dad explained that I was wearing a hat that looked like a golf green with a flag in it.  And I have a tie around my neck with a golf ball attached.  Seems kind of silly but I have to get with the program.  As I understand it, human golfers are pretty wacky so I really won’t look out of place.

Speaking of out of place, last night the wind was blowing pretty good up here.  My humans were “out on the town” with some folks and they left me, Levi and Rio under the supervision of their son, Rob.  No big shakes there.  He was glued to the tv watching basketball so we could pretty much do anything we wanted to.  Well with the wind blowing so hard it actually blew open the utility room door that led to the outside.  Normally we use this door to go take a “busy”, that would be a pee or a poop for you non-puppy raisers.  Anyway, Levi told me we should make a break for it and go out and have some fun.  So I followed him.  Usually when we do a break-out we head up the mountain behind our house.  But this time Levi had something else in mind.

We ran and walked quite a ways.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but Levi seemed to know where he was going so I just followed.  After about a half of a mile we ended up at Hunter’s house.  I know Hunter but I wasn’t real sure where he lived.  Anyway, there we were in his driveway!  Also in his driveway was our humans automobile.  They had apparently driven it down to Hunter’s house and gone out to dinner with his folks.

We barked for awhile but Hunter never came out.  Pretty soon a car pulled into the drive and who should get out but our humans.  Boy was I happy to see them but they didn’t look happy to see us this far from home.  But we know how to handle a situation like this.  We wagged our tails like crazy to show them how happy we were to see them.  What human can resist a couple of cute dogs wagging their tails like they had just found their long-last friend?

My dad put us into his car and soon we were headed back home.  My folks couldn’t figure out how we had gotten out.  Then when we got home they saw that the utility room door was  open and that their son, Rob, didn’t even know Levi and me were gone.  So Rob caught a bunch of grief for not keeping an eye on us.  Of course, he was all into the basketball game and a plane could have hit the side of the house and he wouldn’t have known.  Anyway we were off the hook for our runaway.  Phew!!

So speaking of Hunter, his humans have the biggest display of trash on pick-up day of anybody in Kenmure.  We always comment on our way down the hill, “how can just two people and one dog have so much trash?”  My dad always gives Hunter’s dad a bad time about it.  Well, today Hunter’s dad actually called my dad and told him to check out the trash he had today cause it was a big one.  So my dad took his camera and first took a picture of our trash and went down and took a picture of Hunter’s trash.  No doubt these people have something going in that house that the rest of us don’t understand.

Quincy March 31 002      Quincy March 31 005

There was some speculation that Hunter was running a “black-market” puppy cookie ring but it turned out that he wasn’t sharing his cookies with anyone.  I sure wouldn’t.

So all of this activity has exhausted me.  Here I am asleep while my humans were eating and doing dishes.  Who would of thought that Ambassadoring could be so exhausting.  Talk to all of you next week.

Quincy March 31 010


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Ambassador Qunicy–Weekly Report

Yo! Q here.  I’m sure you have been wondering why I have not written more about my fantastic life.  Well, to tell you the truth, there ain’t alot of ambassadoring going on right now.  I think we start getting active the second week of April.  My dad did order me some business card, however, so when I go to these swanky human events I can pass them out and beg for money.  Here is a copy of the card.


You have to admit, I am one handsome hound.

Anyway, as I said, there is not much going on.  So I spend most of the day wrestling with Levi or just napping with the guys after a good bone chew.

Quincy and Levi 002

Quincy and Levi 001March 25 2014 016

It seems like an ambassador should be busier than this but I guess my time will come.  I’ll be going to a lot of meetings and events in the months to come.  Let’s hope I don’t get bored.

Ciao, no I mean Chow.  Bring it on.



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Sister Mary Linda Waits

This is too good to pass up.  As you well know, my friend Sister Mary Linda has been a constant nitpicker of my blog grammar.  Hey, what’s the big deal with a few misspelled words?  Or an incorrect punctuation here or there.?!

Anyway, since Quincy has been blogging lately and I haven’t, SML has been very quiet with her corrections.  Apparently she either likes Q more than me or Q’s grammar is a lot better than mine.

So last night I got an email from SML’s pastor, Don, and he confided in me the following:

“Linda evidently is missing your blogs. The poor thing just sits there, holding her red pencil and talking to herself.”  Don

Like I said “too good to pass up”.



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