Quincy Report–My First KFC Committee Meeting

Well, I had no idea that my humans were out having fun all the time at these meetings.  You know, they leave the house with me in the kennel, and come back a couple of hours later.  But they never tell me what happens at the meetings.  Today I found out and boy was it some fun!


First of all, my mom took me to the Kenmure Country Club where I was greeted by a lot of people who wanted to pet me.  Then we went into a room full of more people who wanted to pet me.  Then somebody said “Okay, time to take the picture.”  Everybody went out into the lobby and climbed these big stairs.  They put me at the bottom of the stairs probably because I was a dog and the smallest one.  Here is the picture of me with the KFC Committee.  I also got a picture with some people that came from the two hospitals that KFC is supporting, Park Ridge and Pardee.

DSCN0151               DSCN0158

Seriously, as Castle says “I am ruggedly handsome”.  And that new jacket I’m wearing really brings out the color in my eyes.  My friends, Beckie and Patty with help from my mom, made this really cool jacket for me to wear to KFC events.

After the pictures, we all went into the meeting room for (you guessed it) the meeting.  There were lots of people but I got to sit up front with my mom.  See me there in the middle?

DSCN0161  DSCN0165

Anyway it was  long meeting and I kept trying to see where we were on the agenda.  I kinda had to pee.  Soon we went into the adjacent room (big word for a dog, huh?) and they showed us the table setting for the big Gala dinner.


It was pretty cool–all black and white.  It kinda reminded me of me and Levi–me being white and Levi being black, of course.  Then I talked to my friend Burt who is in charge of the golf tournament.  He was explaining to me what fun they were planning for all the golfers.  I was very interested in this as mom and me are selling “mulligans” and “quilligans” to the golfers.


Unfortunately, Burt didn’t have any doggie treats in his hand so I moved on.  I went over to see my buddy, Steve, who is the manager of the club.  Now here is a guy that can make a dog really happy.  You know, he could take me on a personal tour of the kitchen and let me sniff everything and perhaps find a scrap or two on the ground.  We’ll see.


So after a lot of discussions about raffles and door prizes and 10 Treasures, I was really tired.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  It sounds like these humans really know how to plan a party.  They are going to have so much fun and they will raise a lot of money for a very good cause.  As I mentioned before, I have had dog friends who have had cancer.

So pretty soon the meeting broke up and we all started to leave.  But dad wanted me to see the award we got from Park Ridge hospital for raising money for them and he wanted me to see the Joanne Jones Golf Trophy that goes to the winner of the golf tournament.  These are really nice.  Dogs rarely get neat things like this.



As we were leaving, dad wanted to take one more picture of me out in front of the club house.  This is probably one of my best poses.  Can’t you just picture a life-size bronze statue of me on this very spot.  Wow!


Well, that was it.  My first KFC meeting.  It was really fun and it sounds like everyone is going to have a great time.  I look forward to seeing all my Kenmure friends at the events and thanks in advance for donating to KFC.  Every donation will earn you a pat on my head and more if you really donate a lot!  See you soon.










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Ambassador Quincy Report–March 31

Man, I am really tired today.  Too much ambassadoring.  Today I had to try on my outfit for when I help my mom sell mulligans to the golfers at the big KFC Golf Tournament May 28th.  Actually, I think I look pretty sporty in this outfitl.  I will actually be selling Quilligans for $5 each.  This will entitle the donor to a picture with me and a goodie bag for the golfer.  Who could resist having a picture with an Ambassador for pete sakes?


My dad explained that I was wearing a hat that looked like a golf green with a flag in it.  And I have a tie around my neck with a golf ball attached.  Seems kind of silly but I have to get with the program.  As I understand it, human golfers are pretty wacky so I really won’t look out of place.

Speaking of out of place, last night the wind was blowing pretty good up here.  My humans were “out on the town” with some folks and they left me, Levi and Rio under the supervision of their son, Rob.  No big shakes there.  He was glued to the tv watching basketball so we could pretty much do anything we wanted to.  Well with the wind blowing so hard it actually blew open the utility room door that led to the outside.  Normally we use this door to go take a “busy”, that would be a pee or a poop for you non-puppy raisers.  Anyway, Levi told me we should make a break for it and go out and have some fun.  So I followed him.  Usually when we do a break-out we head up the mountain behind our house.  But this time Levi had something else in mind.

We ran and walked quite a ways.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but Levi seemed to know where he was going so I just followed.  After about a half of a mile we ended up at Hunter’s house.  I know Hunter but I wasn’t real sure where he lived.  Anyway, there we were in his driveway!  Also in his driveway was our humans automobile.  They had apparently driven it down to Hunter’s house and gone out to dinner with his folks.

We barked for awhile but Hunter never came out.  Pretty soon a car pulled into the drive and who should get out but our humans.  Boy was I happy to see them but they didn’t look happy to see us this far from home.  But we know how to handle a situation like this.  We wagged our tails like crazy to show them how happy we were to see them.  What human can resist a couple of cute dogs wagging their tails like they had just found their long-last friend?

My dad put us into his car and soon we were headed back home.  My folks couldn’t figure out how we had gotten out.  Then when we got home they saw that the utility room door was  open and that their son, Rob, didn’t even know Levi and me were gone.  So Rob caught a bunch of grief for not keeping an eye on us.  Of course, he was all into the basketball game and a plane could have hit the side of the house and he wouldn’t have known.  Anyway we were off the hook for our runaway.  Phew!!

So speaking of Hunter, his humans have the biggest display of trash on pick-up day of anybody in Kenmure.  We always comment on our way down the hill, “how can just two people and one dog have so much trash?”  My dad always gives Hunter’s dad a bad time about it.  Well, today Hunter’s dad actually called my dad and told him to check out the trash he had today cause it was a big one.  So my dad took his camera and first took a picture of our trash and went down and took a picture of Hunter’s trash.  No doubt these people have something going in that house that the rest of us don’t understand.

Quincy March 31 002      Quincy March 31 005

There was some speculation that Hunter was running a “black-market” puppy cookie ring but it turned out that he wasn’t sharing his cookies with anyone.  I sure wouldn’t.

So all of this activity has exhausted me.  Here I am asleep while my humans were eating and doing dishes.  Who would of thought that Ambassadoring could be so exhausting.  Talk to all of you next week.

Quincy March 31 010


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Ambassador Qunicy–Weekly Report

Yo! Q here.  I’m sure you have been wondering why I have not written more about my fantastic life.  Well, to tell you the truth, there ain’t alot of ambassadoring going on right now.  I think we start getting active the second week of April.  My dad did order me some business card, however, so when I go to these swanky human events I can pass them out and beg for money.  Here is a copy of the card.


You have to admit, I am one handsome hound.

Anyway, as I said, there is not much going on.  So I spend most of the day wrestling with Levi or just napping with the guys after a good bone chew.

Quincy and Levi 002

Quincy and Levi 001March 25 2014 016

It seems like an ambassador should be busier than this but I guess my time will come.  I’ll be going to a lot of meetings and events in the months to come.  Let’s hope I don’t get bored.

Ciao, no I mean Chow.  Bring it on.



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Sister Mary Linda Waits

This is too good to pass up.  As you well know, my friend Sister Mary Linda has been a constant nitpicker of my blog grammar.  Hey, what’s the big deal with a few misspelled words?  Or an incorrect punctuation here or there.?!

Anyway, since Quincy has been blogging lately and I haven’t, SML has been very quiet with her corrections.  Apparently she either likes Q more than me or Q’s grammar is a lot better than mine.

So last night I got an email from SML’s pastor, Don, and he confided in me the following:

“Linda evidently is missing your blogs. The poor thing just sits there, holding her red pencil and talking to herself.”  Don

Like I said “too good to pass up”.



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Book about Bike Ride across US

No! It’s not a book I wrote.  YET!  But this book was featured in today’s (Sunday March 23)  Times News.  It is about Bruce Weber who rode his bike across the country at the tender young age of 57.  I have not read the book but I’m guessing that it will contain a lot of the experiences that I encountered.

This was Bruce’s second journey by bike across the US. Sound familiar.  He also biked in Viet Nam.  Again, this sounds familiar.  Give the book a try, particularly if you are tired of waiting for me to write something.

“Life is A Wheel by Bruce Weber

A story of a 4,122 mile ride through 15 states over a 101-day stretch.




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A Wonderful Soul Departs

This week we lost Ethlyn Byrd.  I knew Ethlyn as a board member for St. Gerard House where her quiet support of the children was greatly respected.

Ethlyn taught for 35 years–22 in Henderson County.  She taught math and science in Balfour starting in 1967.  She also taught seventh-grade language arts and social studies in the 70′s at Flat Rock Junior High.

Ethlyn individualized her instruction, for younger children in various grades and situations, from emotionally-distraught to academically-gifted.  “I liked the ones who were challenges,” she said.

Developmentally-challenged students “weren’t necessarily the easiest children to teach, but they appealed to me.” She liked when a child would “blurt out an idea,” and join group discussion and overcome shyness. Challenging such students to their levels and bringing them beyond that gradually was gratifying. “The ability to achieve is so important for students,” she said.

She was county nominee in 1990 for the Governor’s Award in Excellence in Teaching for math. Three times, she was teacher of the year in her school.

Ethlyn was a good soul.  I didn’t know her long enough.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t take more time to learn about her life.  Maybe we should all take more time to learn about those we greatly admire.




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Ambassador Quincy Report


Well, here I am again.  Ever since the hoopla over the announcement of my Ambassadorship, things have really been quiet.  No contacts with the local press.  No invitations to appear on Ellen.  No authors begging to do my biography.  Basically it has been really quiet around here.  Most of the time I just hang out with my mom in the kitchen and wait for her to drop food or we watch TV together.

Quincy's new toys 039        Quincy's new toys 042

So I was really getting bored and waiting for something exciting to happen.  And then, as my dad was walking down the hall, he passed the front door and saw a box outside on the porch.  He retrieved the box and discovered it wasn’t for him or my mom.  IT WAS FOR ME!!!!!

Dad helped me open the box up in the kitchen.  I’m not real good with a knife.  It’s that finger thing–you know.  I was so excited to see what was inside.  My dad told me it was from our friends, the Jones.  I had visited them at their beach house last year.  They were nice and gave me treats.  You may also know her as “Sister Mary Linda” my dad’s unappointed editor for his blog.  Let me make a point here.  Sister Mary Linda has never made any grammatical changes to any of my blogs.

So we got the box opened and I looked and smelled inside.

Quincy's new toys 052  Quincy's new toys 057

The box was full of cool dog toys.  There was a big yellow rubber bone, a big red chew toy, a blue ball and another ball on a rope.  I immediately went for the yellow bone.Quincy's new toys 066

But soon I had all of them out on the floor trying to decide which one to play with next.  I also took time to read the letter that they sent me.  It said:

“Dear Quincy, we understand you’ve had a career change. Congratulations on your new ambassadorship.  I understand those political appointments are hard to get.  Enclosed are some little gifts in recognition of your new position.  Now you can go chase a ball and lift your leg when you want to pee.  Live it up.”

I guess everyone knows about my disability by now.  But as to the difficulty in getting a political appointment, just a few doggy treats in the right paw and bingo, I’m an ambassador.

I played all day with the new toys.  I even let Levi play with some of them.  Dude, you have to learn to share if you want to get along in this world.

Quincy's new toys 087    Quincy's new toys 102

After several hours of chewing and fetching, I finally had to lay down and take a nap.  So I cuddled with Levi on the dog bed.


Now I am looking forward to attending some meetings with the KFC Committee.  My mom is having a jacket made for me that lets people know I am the Ambassador for KFC.  My friends, Becky and Patty, and my mom, are going to make the jacket. Becky and her husband, Gary, are our neighbors.  They knew Cobbler, who lived with my folks before I came.  Cobbler died of cancer a few years ago so Becky really wanted to be a part of making my jacket for the KFC fund raiser.


I am so lucky to be surrounded by humans who are kind and generous and very thoughtful.  It must really be cool to be one of their human friends.  Life is good.




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Dogs and Humans

Dog Pix

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Quincy Blog: Comments from my fans.

I’m sitting here wondering what to write in my blog tonight.  All I did today was eat, sleep and play games on the computer.  I really like the ones where big dogs are chasing after very slow humans.  It’s so fun.


Anyway, I decided to share a few of the comments I have been receiving about my new job as Ambassador to KFC.  Generally they have been positive.  I guess a lot of people like me here in Kenmure and just as soon see me hang around a little longer.  Here are some of the comments people left in the last two days on “iBark4them”:

From my friend Layla’s mom.

“The fundraising world will never be the same!”

And she should know cause she is like a big time fund raiser herself.

From one of the KFC committee members:

“Quincy I think you need a  ” LIFE IS GOOD ” collar or
coat.  Glad to have a mascot. Every good
team needs one!!”

I sent this to my friend Mrs. Colley.  She not really a collie, she’s a human.

“Thanks, Mrs. Colley.  My dad said that your husband makes really bad puns.  Is that true?  My dad tells me some  wonderful puns but since I don’t understand human talk that well, they sort of go over my head.”

Her husband wrote back this comment to Quincy:

“Yes, it’s good that you are a dog and don’t understand human talk.  I mean, one bad joke from your dad is like 7 bad dog jokes.”

From one of my confused neighbors:

“We had trouble seeing your logo  and had to reopen the blog post following reading it through the first time.  We were concerned that you were an ambassador for Kentucky Fried Chicken when you referred to being an ambassador for KFC.  Thank goodness that was clarified by the logo.”

From the former regional manager for GDF:

“I’m SO proud of you and happy for all of the
people you will touch!   Maybe you will be able to carry a hat around so people can put money in it when they see how cute you are!!”

From my buddy Saxx’s mom:

“Well done Quincy. I’ve never known a real ambassador before. Cool! I wasn’t worried when I found out you’d been released by the GDF. I knew you had a special purpose in life. I’d love it if you could help find a cure for that nasty old cancer! I’m soooo proud of you!!!”

And from the head human of all KFC:

“Quincy, you have become the Kenmure mascot! We’re glad you’re staying.”

From one of my dad’s blogger friends:

“I am sorry that you won’t be finishing your
guide dog course, but I am so happy that your humans have decided to let you stay with them.  You will have such a great life here in Kenmure
where there are so many people who know and love you.”

So those are just a few of the comments I have been getting.  I’m really getting pumped up to do this job.  I want to help humans as much as I can.  This seems to be the way God decide would be best for me.  Thank you God for letting me be with such good humans.  I love them all.





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Ambassador Quincy’s Logo


This is my new logo.  I’ll be using this on all my posts about my work as an Ambassador for KFC.  My call sign as you can see is “iBark4Them”.  I am so cute.  It will be impossible for people to resist my cuteness.  I better get a larger collection basket for the donations.  Oh, and with all this work I’ll be doing, my humans are going to have to keep me well supplied in “puppy cookies”.

Quincy, KFC Ambassador

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